On Monday, in Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse (Landes), a drone distribute the seeds of a vegetal canopy above a maize subject of one particular and a 50 percent hectares. An experiment that will probably revolutionize the get the job done of farmers.


The Widespread Agricultural Coverage not long ago imposed vegetable go over crops on plots grown in monoculture – this is the circumstance of quite a few fields of maize in the Landes. These crops are intended to regenerate the soils just after harvesting the maize till spring, when they are then removed so that the farmer can cultivate his plot again. This is also the sine qua non affliction for accumulating European financial support.

 Small clover seeds poured into a hopper attached to the drone - Radio France © Radio France

An innovation led by the Landes cooperatives

For eight months on the use of drones the cooperatives Maïsadour and Vivadour [viatheirresearchbranch Ovalie Innovation . Many thanks to the drone, the tractor is not made use of any more we have obtain to challenging plots and we sow at the proper time, even before harvesting maize, will save time . It remains to be viewed no matter whether the seeds sown from the sky will present a homogeneous vegetation go over of high quality. It will be fixed in March.

The reflection technicians of the earth – Radio France “itemprop =” contentUrl “width =” 860 ”
                            – Christophe Van Veen

8 helices! And there&#39s no bone!

The drone with eight helices is a prototype designed by the business Reflet du Monde, based mostly in Mérignac. It carries a hopper recognized thanks to a 3D printer which spreads at every single passage above 360 degrees. This Monday afternoon, it is a subject of one particular and a 50 percent hectares that was flown above in a couple of minutes. The equipment flies at about ten meters high, remote managed by two technicians (one particular who manages the maize projections and the other pilot).

The same experiment was carried out on a subject of one particular hectare at the close of August in the Gers. And the technicians note the promising appearance of a homogenous go over of five millimeters.

The new farmers – Radio France “The new farmers are in a placement to make their dwelling in the nation.
                            – Christophe Van Veen

The charge of experimentation is magic formula. But the cooperatives hope to close up with a price of ten euros per hectare for the farmer. Therefore the use of drones will be democratized. To do this, it will be vital to great the method and that it is risk-free and usable with a single technician. With the price of drones falling, these accountable for agricultural innovation are self-assured that their knowledge will develop into widespread. The toy of the working day, the prototype, expenditures between ten and fifteen 000 euros.

Of course there is a vogue outcome with drones. But I just take it as a vector able of carrying loads in inaccessible areas. We ought to remain modest, but we are decided to just take benefit of technological advancements – Stéphane Ballas of Ovalie Innovation


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