Shadow Ray‘s debut album Eyes, Gleaming Through The Dark will be out October 20, 2017 via Rillbar and today we’re pleased to announce the premiere of the first Shadow Ray single + video Far Away, via Blacklisted Magazin who sat down to interview Shadow Ray.

Shadow Ray about the video: “I love to work with music in relation to other media. I’ve been working a bit with film music and music for contemporary dance before, and it’s been very inspiring. When I made this video, I decided to follow the structure of the song, so it’s four different parts, stringed together with transitions. I hope that the video will work as an opening into the music and vice versa for those who experience it. As with the music, there’s a certain level of abstraction that balances with the concrete.

Forsaking traditional live music structures, Shadow Ray follows more artistic practices in order to explore the limits of studio composition” –Blacklisted Magazin

Behind Shadow Ray is the Danish musician, singer and composer Anders Holst. Being a manifest part of Copenhagen’s music scene, Holst has taken part in a broad array of alliances such as Won’t Lovers Revolt Now (Morningside Records), Ektoplasma and the critically acclaimed duo Anders Holst/ Mads Emil Nielsen (Clang). Recently, Anders Holst has released new works with the guitar sextet Cirklen plus the multi-national, many-media ensemble Bog Bodies.

Eyes, Gleaming Through The Dark is a richly diverse Experimental/ Drone Pop album divided in 8 colorful and light pieces with 45 minutes of music.

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