Online video – In a handful of months, travellers of the Norwegian firm Hurtigruten will explore the deep sea although sailing. Technological prowess, this formidable attraction is a first.


Check out the abyss of the Arctic or the Antarctic comfortably set up on a boat, unimaginable not so extensive ago. But with submarine drones, almost everything gets to be attainable. These wonders of technologies, Hurtigruten 1 of the planet leaders of ice-drinking water exploration cruises, determined to equip its ships.

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“ninety% of the oceans continue being unexplored,” says Daniel Skjeldam, the Norwegian firm&#39s normal supervisor. Many thanks to the drones embarked on our ships, our travellers will be capable to discover zones more not known than the surface area of Mars. In addition, all discoveries and movies of particular fascination will be manufactured accessible to the scientific neighborhood. “

A large-angle High definition digital camera


 The drone can dive up to 150 m deep (Hurtigruten).
                The drone can dive up to 150 m deep (Hurtigruten).

In get to make his travellers stay the “Twenty Thousand Leagues Less than the Sea” of the twenty first century, Hurtigruten joined forces with Blueye Robotics . This begin-up, also Norwegian, is the designer of the drone model that will officiate in the deep sea.

The 19459005 Blueze P ioneer the robotic impression-looking diver is a tiny unpretentious, ultracompact and featherweight (7 kg) effortless to ship. Except that it is a tough dude, with 4 sturdy thrusters, good chilly-resistant, rapidly as lightning (it runs at a velocity of 2.5 m / next) and apnea winner: up to 150 m operational depth, superior than the heroes of the “Great Blue” in the past century …


As for his expertise as a filmmaker, he owes it to his large-angle High definition digital camera, able of filming in minimal mild and broadcast stay color pictures of extraordinary fidelity. This unparalleled spectacle from the depths, cruise travellers will see it on display screen or by means of a digital mask. In quick, we can not prevent progress.

This new attraction should really be set up in the system of 2018 but it is not nevertheless recognised on what day, on which boat and which journey, it will be inaugurated. For now, the drone is in examination time period aboard the MS Fram.

A wonderful elder


 The MS Fram in the Arctic (Andrea Klaussner)

For the document, this minor steamer is the namesake of 1 wonderful elder, flagship of the Hurtigruten fleet a hundred several years ago. In 1911, it was from this Fram number 1 that a Norwegian expedition had landed at the South Pole, trodden for the first time by guys.

The expedition chief was a specified Roald Amundsen . This is the identify that will be borne by Hurtigruten&#39s subsequent and fifth exploration ship. This brand name new boat of one hundred forty m extensive, 265 cabins and 530 travellers is declared for subsequent July. The reservations are open for the autumn of 2018. Foresee a spending plan of 5 000 € least for thirteen days in Antarctica and 8 000 € for 20 days of odyssey in the extensive system.

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