Aerial Combat Design & Engineering

On this Episode, Marque Cornblatt and the team puts the airframe prototype through a torture test. The airframe will face flying through fire and glass windows, free-fall drops from hundreds of feet and will even face down a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with heavy dove ammo. Does this drone airframe have what it takes to survive?


  1. Ok what kind of shells are you using? Bird, Buck, 00, 000, Slugs?! Professional assface, an 870 with magnum 15 pellet would annihilate that lil drone.

  2. I just have one question, : does that guy have any teeth left. It looks like the first time he's ever shot a pistol grip shot gun before…XD

  3. No. 3 or four buckshot…Wanna fly over me?, over my property? I have far more choices of weaponry (pellet size) to down what you got! & your not likely to be building your craft out of Aluminum alloy, 3mm thick or so…it just won't get off the ground.

  4. Not exactly. More like a resilient drone that can take couple of shots in air. But if you shot it in Point-blank range i think that drone will get ripped.

  5. The drone was completely obliterated, so we binned it and brought out the backup drone. I tell ya, this drone is practically indestructible.

  6. I have never seen a shotgun with yellow paint kinda seems like it is not a really shot gun I mean it put some dents in the drone

  7. blows up drone with c4 "well I replaced the whole drone soo… No damage guys!!"  see what I mean?? they just replaced the stuff that broke so actually it did kinda break :/

  8. Next time try a shotgun that people might actually use to try and take that down. That shotgun didn't even have a stock. It didn't take the brunt of the shots.

  9. try it with black powder shotguns I can only own black powder Firearms due to a charge from New Jersey for not registering a BB gun

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