If you’re just here to keep up with our travels through Europe, jump to 4:07 🙂

I’ve been meaning to make this video for a while, but overtime I have an issue like this one of my quads I end up fixing it on a non-vlog day… but we’re vlogging EVERY DAMN DAY! (even if my uploads still get a bit delayed 😇)

I hope my approach to trouble shooting a dipping corner helps some of you. It’s a common problem I see asked about and this has always been the quickest approach for me. Though it does require you to have spares of each part (which isn’t a bad idea anyway)

Anyway, I’ve been pretty good about getting my videos out but I’ve gotten a bit behind. I’ll be trying to get the next vlog up very soon.

This day ended with us arriving at Jae’s house and Clinton had to get going home. Clinton, thank you very much for driving us across the country. It was very generous of you to give us that much of your time and we appreciate you being part of our voyage.

Stay tuned to Rotor Riot for our Europe episodes within the next few weeks

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— Drone Gear —

MQC Fusion – Le Drib Edition:
My GoPro Mount for MQC Fusion:
DYS F4 Flight Board:
DYS FIRE 2300kV:
DYS xsd 30a ESC:
Racekraft 5040 TriBlade props (pink is best):
Foxeer FPV Camera:
Tramp VTX:
Spektrum Quad Race Receiver With Telemetry:
Nitro Nectar batteries:

Skyzone FPV goggles:
TBS Triumph:
8dB mini patch antenna:

Spektrum DX9 Black Edition:
Antenna mod:
Antenna mount by DaddyK:

Windows Tablet:



My favorite charger:

DJI Mavic:

GoPro HERO5 Session:

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Rode mic:
Dead-cat (blocks wind noise):
bendy tripod:

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Drew Camden
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— tunes in this flick —

all the music in this vlog is by the talented jinsang.
“trees” and “j^p^n”


  1. if you don't have spare motor, you can switch the problemed corner's motor with a functional one and see if the problem follows the motor.

  2. Dude, there's something about your flying that's different from everyone else I see, you fly organically. It's a pleasure to watch man, thanks for sharing.

  3. Really like your vlogs a lot, said that before.
    But I really miss the flying parts in here, this makes the rotor riots a bit grabbing the cream of your cakes for commercial use. I was always afraid that this "relationship" could harm the tastyness of your uploads, and here we go.
    Maybe you can do some more own in making some "stick tutorials" ?
    Thx a lot for the repair-part here!
    Have a great traveling time!!

  4. what do you think about the "new" dys storm 2207 motors? are you going to try them? and if not, why? the price? the power?

  5. Drew, it is So very enjoyable to vhang with you .. you have a natural talent for "vhosting" .. i am always looking forward to the next time of checkn out whats zup wit Drew…

  6. But what do you do if your quad dips on throttle pump? As in power delivery imperfect and antigravity cannot compensate enough to make it good? In this case, I would guess the motor windings or wires were somehow damaged.

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