Test your skills and fly through the smallest of places with the SKEYE Pico Drone.

As the world’s smallest drone, this quadcopter can fit on your fingertip. It can also perform outstanding flips and tricks with aerobatic capability. The SKEYE Pico Drone is easy to control so you can easily add style and flair to all of your tricks.

Become a pro and roll through the air or test our skills and see how tight of a flip you can do. You can even build your own skill-testing obstacle course in your home or office. The SKEYE Pico Drone is perfect for anyone looking for a fun challenge while honing in their drone skills.

To find out more information and pick up your own, visit:


  1. I bought a previous version of this. It was horrible. I could never get it trimmed to be able to fly under control. After sitting for a few months, it would not longer charge. I would not recommend buying this.

  2. To all those idiots that think they can stop drones with "legislation" how can you stop something you won't even know its their 10 years form now

  3. nedívatelné kvůli debilnímu zvukovému podkresu
    odpověď – tak si to vypni je nesmyslná, neboť bych mohl přijít o případný slovní komentář
    řešení bych spatřoval ve dvou volitelných zvukových stopách:
    – jedna zvukový doprovod nesouvisející přímo s dějem (hudba atd.)
    – druhá zvuky související (zvuk motoru, hlasový komentář atd.)

  4. Hey guys, why the loud stupid music? Would it have been better to hear this thing in action? There are a lot of innovative drones out there. How does yours stand out?

  5. This video is too overproduced and actually takes away from the awesomeness of this product. With the jerky edits and loops, I cannot see how graceful it flies.

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