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The FQ777 FQ04 Beetle had a great first impression on us. It’s the whole package when it comes to the nano / pocket drone market. It’s sleek case that serves as the transmitter and a charger is phenomenal. Watch the video to see if we think this is worth your hard earned money and leave us some love in the comments section to show your appreciation for our honest reviews.

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FuriBee F36 Quad we Mention in this video:

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  1. Remove the screws from back of transmitter and find the beeper use a pair of nail cutters, a mm d clip the wire going to the beeper! Boy, thats annoying!

  2. Oh my goodness, the buttons are labeled. Finally, all this time with you letting em know, they listened!

    Like a CX-10 with camera, with the cool part being how easy that is to transport. Those little things really don't need a camera, extra weight and eats power = less flight time for not very good video.

  3. I agree based on the quad alone, Furibee F36 is superior. However, I like the category of quads that store inside the transmitter. It's another aspect for collecting. Of quads that store in the transmitter, this is one of my favorites. I like that it is very stable and easy to fly. The round transmitter/holder/charger is very cool. I do have one complaint, however. The cover is too hard to open. I have 3 of these, and the clear cover on none of them can be opened without the help of a small screwdriver or similar tool. I was surprised how easily yours opened.

  4. Hey Nate this has to be the best little drone yet which I may buy now that u posted this video. I really wish I bought this drone sooner because I am traveling to Thailand in November and I think it would be the perfect pet to spin the city at eye level not to mention a good conversation piece. Beeping while filming could be a deal breaker. I saw in another video with that same drone that the drone would not take anything more than a 512 mb card? What do u suggest I do? I want a little camera and SD card slot. I wait for your advice

  5. It may well be an easy fix to put an LED in there instead of the beeper. Drill a small hole in the TX, replace the beeper and poke the LED through. It should flash the same as the beeper beeped.
    Being indoors, it would be seen easily enough.

  6. It's OK on balance, the camera wasn't bad and I've seen much worse examples. But I'm very lazy when flying indoors so prefer altitude hold (and, if possible, optical flow)
    That costs more of course
    Another good review

  7. If you have any broken or non functioning quads you no longer want, I love to tinker with and repair them as much as I like flying them. Keep me in mind. โ˜บ

  8. Flash sale on the FuriBee right now $11.59. I thought it was Furry Bee but I think your pronunciation is probably correct, Fury Bee. Watched your review of it and think I'm going to order two, one of each color. And hope it can survive all the pet hair in my house.. I have a Chocolate Lab and she shed a lot, and my cat attacking it.

  9. hii guys you are so much asowme i am from india and i am to poor my parents are not giving me rc please guys give any rc it low price also then alao it will okk plz guys only one plzz

  10. Popeye seemed less than impressed with the nice box. I, like Nate, always appreciate good packaging. Popeye seems to be getting more used to the indoor micro flights, he's barking much less than he used to.

  11. That beeping though ….I'd have to hit that thing with a hammer! I do like the slick transmitter/case/charging probe thing, lol!

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