Headed out with the hopes of crashing so I could test out my drone that I attempted to snow proof using conformal coating.

Thanks for hanging out! I love getting to make videos like this for you guys and I appreciate your support so much.

Get out and fly, don’t let the snow stop the flow 🙂

acrylic conformal coating:
^thats the coating I used but it seems that it’s currently unavailable, this seems like it should do the same thing:


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  1. My DYS FC & ESC came with the coating on them, but I'm thinking about doing the coating after I've soldered the lines on. Any thoughts on doing that?

  2. Don't know how some of you FPV vloggers find such empty spots to fly! I have enough trouble finding open fields, never mind a parking lot thats empty during the day.

  3. Nice flying Le! Lol the test was to make sure it still worked if introduced to a bit of snow! Well it deff worked! so well that it didnt want to stop flying!

  4. Try conformal coating for the electronics and corrosion x (HD) applied with a brush and cotton buds for the plugs (if you have any). And put the ESCs in heatshrink (after coating) to keep most of the water away. But Snow is the worst (apart from totally submerging your quad).

    PS: Did your ESC work again when it dried?

  5. Hey what is your degrees per second for your roll and pitch. Try dialing in some expo and turning up that rate so it'll be very controllable near the center but it'll be very snappy on the outsides.

  6. Thanks for your video. I'm going to try the silicone based conformal coating. Do you have any experience with that? Btw… ignore the idiots. The world is full of hateful people.

  7. Woah
    #1) your not supposed to use the acrylic but the Silicone version ( Umm Derp )
    #2) did you even coat the ESCs ? not that it matters not since you used acrylic ….. nice flying

    Testing a waterproof coating for circuit boards

    How to Waterproof Electronics (the clean way)


  8. I cant hear you over your eyeliner hahahahhaa I'm never gonna stop doing that lol but seriously thanks for the conformal coating vlog.. I actually do appreciate that

  9. What happens with acrylic coatings on small electronic boards is it can crack if it dried to quickly. To prevent that you can lower the drying temp. Or use silicone conformal coating, which is a much cleaner alternative to the corrosion x. I cant believe how little subscribers you have in comparison to the quality of the content. superb vid bro. How long have you been flying?

  10. What bag is that at the beginning? I hate carrying my quad on the outside of my bag, and that one looks like it fits everything inside quite nicely. I needs it!

  11. I know this reply may be late but try the silicone based conformal coating, much better than acrylic based ones. Goes on the same way, and has a stripping agent. If you cant find the stripping agent that I've used liquid electrical tape and clean off right away and the coating comes off, must be a similar solvent. Anyways give that a try and let us know how you like it. I really like it.

  12. I used for the first time CorrosionX, I live in Montreal Canada, I flow already few time and my Quad already know snow LOL.
    And still fly !!!!

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