After some trial and error, I think I have found the best way to show everyone pictures and videos when we are away.

I have just purchased more iCloud space and have found out you can link that to a webpage for anyone to view. Therefore, I have link on the photos tab at the top to show where these will be. For the moment I have included a video (the first using my drone – the DJI spark) and some photos of myself and Sophie travelling in New Zealand and Canada.

The drone footage is from the Minquiers which is a collection of small rocks and a sandbank off the south coast of Jersey (~25 minutes powerboat). I visited there for the first time with some friends for the first time last weekend and had a great opportunity to test out the abilities of my new drone and put together the short video with what I shot. The Minquiers are incredible and we were lucky to be there on such a beautiful day. The sandbank frequently moves so manoeuvring around the area is tough and we managed to ground the prop in the sand on a couple of occasions on the way in. We were still able to see the coastline of Jersey from the sandbank which was reassuring but it was lovely and quiet, despite a party boat pumping the music close to us.

20170922_144039I hope to do a few more test flights with the drone over the coming weeks before we leave to make sure I am happy using is when we are away. I have also got the Go Pro out again in order to make sure I am ready to use that.

As I am writing, I think it would be a nice idea to add my previous videos and any subsequent ones to the current folder to give anyone an idea of what I have managed to put together over the last couple of trips after coming back.

I currently use the Go Pro Hero 4 and collated a video in New Zealand using mainly that and some other footage. In Canada I added the use of a gimble (FeiyuTech G4S) as some images were quite jumpy in New Zealand. Recently, we spent the weekend on Sophie’s parents yacht where I put together a short film including Go Pro and drone footage together for the first time which I will also try to add to the folder.

I will be taking all this with me when travelling and hope to get some amazing clips when we are out there which I will post as we go and then create longer videos as those in New Zealand and Canada once we return but will be practicing over the next couple of month to make sure it will be easy to do.

Once we are away, I will update with new links to the various places we go and it will be an easy way to view all of our photos of the places we will visit. I will of course add our best photo(s) to the blog anyway.

This should allow the easiest way for people to view the photos and for us to upload as it will require no real ‘uploading’ of content as it will do it automatically and all I need to do is create the link each time.

Please give the photo link and try and see what you think. Any suggestions for improvements would be great!

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