Percher un drone is an tasteful solution to allow for him to use his sensors (cameras, radars …) with out investing all the electricity of his battery to run his several engines. In August 2017, we offered you the S-MAD . A plane drone capable of rearing alone just just before hitting a wall, and attaching alone to it by signifies of tiny hooks ready to cling to the slightest crevice. But a group from Imperial College in London experienced an even extra crazy concept, right influenced by the Comics, and in particular the character of Spiderman, the spider person. Like him, this drone is capable of pulling ropes that cling to the partitions or the ceiling, and allow for him to dangle in the air.

A suspended drone

The product, mischievously named SpiderMAV (the final three letters meaning Micro Air Motor vehicle) is a classic flying platform with 4 propellers on which have been mounted two modules. The initial, on the major of the drone, propels a magnet with a tiny fuel cartridge. The latter, attached to a wire, ensures the suspension of the drone in the air, if it is of course positioned beneath a compatible area (beam, metallic ceiling …). The drone can then minimize its engines and continue to be suspended. The drawback is that it swings beneath the effect of its preliminary motion or a feasible wind blow. But the British engineers observed the parade. A stabilizer module is attached beneath the machine. It is made up of three barrels every single oriented in a distinct route. They can also, in the similar way, propel a magnet connected to a wire. At the time the magnet is attached to a metal area, it is only needed to rewind the wire a little to totally immobilize the machine, as can be seen in this movie of presentation.

For the instant, researchers are only at the stage of improvement. The prototype is not nevertheless offered on the web site of the laboratory of aerial robotics which develops it . The proponents of this challenge consequently do not make clear how the drone releases its anchors in buy to return to the ground, as the Ieee spectrum notes. Does it fall it? Does he capture it with a blow? We will return to this machine as shortly as we know extra.

We presently have at this laboratory a drone called “AquaMAV” capable of diving like a gannet, produced in 2016.

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