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“Now, there is massive levels of competition,” states Pierre Lafond, a single of the founders of Drone effect, a micro-corporation aerial shooting with drones, primarily based in Villeneuve- Les-Avignon, wherever 3 a long time in the past when the two younger Villeneuvois took the experience, the drone was not still almost everywhere, right now, “a large amount of fifty Pierre Lafond arrived from the events, “I was a phase manager”, his binomial Frédéric Latzko, passionate about aeromodelling, “was a chemist” .

Stability Protocols

To distinguish on their own from the others, the two professionals, a single at the distant control station, the other at that of a cameraman, put ahead their “good quality of visuals”, filmed with four equipment “tailored to distinctive situations, outdoors or inside of , “And their” compliance with rules “, clarifies the duo.

“We respect all the security protocols, that&#39s what can make us stand out. Fred spends half of his time inquiring for permits. Fortunately at the prefecture they have a well-proven services right now for these requests for overflight in drone. French regulation is the strictest in the world and numerous drone companies do not respect it. “

And the illustrations are plentiful. “To fly more than persons, you have to have the signature of all the persons present!” To fly more than towns, “prefectoral derogations are essential. This was the situation for our function with the Résonances festival in Avignon “And at times they are stunned,” we saw 3 drones fly more than Avignon in the course of the festival … “

With their equipment, Villeneuvois function in France and overseas for cinema, telefilms, production properties, institutions, companies … “We produced Meurtres in Avignon, Mont Ventoux … for the Tv. And Criminal offense in Aigues-Mortes. We have worked a large amount with the Pont du Gard “. Their drones fly more than the constructing web sites, at the ask for of companies.

“Two a long time in the past, we also shot visuals for Villeneuve on phase.” An eclectic action in a world wherever all the things goes incredibly quick. “The equipment do not quit evolving. The Chinese are incredibly solid “and are creating drones more and more effective and ever more accessible. A radical adjust in the world of picture and security.

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