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These surfers were oblivious to the massive Great White Shark lurking mere feet below their boards. In this amazing drone footage, we get a bird’s-eye-view of this huge shark swimming towards an oblivious surfer and then a populated beach.

Summer 2015 has seen a rise in documented instances of sharks attacking humans. It is unclear what has caused this increase.

Shot offshore of the Oceano Dunes at Pismo Beach, CA.

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  1. There was NO attack… this is more common than people think. Shark attacks/bites are very rare in comparison to the millions of people on beaches at any given moment. It's usually mistaken identity. Sharks have a bad rap for being vicious and aggressive but that is not usually the case.

  2. since the children's pool in LA Jolla cali became a pupping ground for seals we have seen a huge increase in shark food! you idiots?

  3. Notice how he isn't doing squat besides getting away from the people? A great white's nature is to venture close to shore in search of sea lions, but this one is obviously aware he wants nothing to do with the current residents of the ocean. I wish drones were helping people realize how often they are among sharks and it is safe, but instead, it might be creating more dread.

  4. I know what the cause is…… Sharks live in the water. People do not! If you surf and have a run in with a Shark, don't whine and wonder why!

  5. Sharks kill about 10 people a year around the world. Cars on the other hand kill about 1 million people around the world every year.

  6. Im guessing that was filmed in California, which is one of few breeding grounds in the world for great whites. That shark looks like a juvenile to me as he is only slightly longer than the surfers board, which all makes sense. Interestingly, if you check out the location of continental shelves around each continent, where the shelf is close to shore is also where most attacks occur.

  7. Great video. We captured similar amazing footage in Florida this week! Pretty amazing stuff in crystal clear water. It is posted on our channel

  8. so funny,
    ONE shark,
    WHERE he's supposed to be,
    BUNCHES of surfers,
    for whom it is a privilege to share this shark's home,
    attack? mmmm.

    Sensationalism me sees a rendering of.

  9. There was a huge outcry when they had the shark cull in Australia. I wish the outcry was more balanced towards all the other species. I feel the people that make the most noise probably couldn't name an endangered animal here. If instead of saying cull they should just lifted the ban like other fish people probably wouldn't have said much. Their numbers are increasing and attacks will get more frequent going by the stats. Unbalanced outcry.. argh

  10. I thought that was beautiful and the shark was curious and acting exactly the way you would expect him to. It is their ocean and we are just visiting.

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