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Amazing!!! We made it in the top 5! (Which is now top 6). 145K worth of gear. Insane. I am so thankful (in general I am thankful but right now even more so!) for everyone’s help with votes and for Shotover and for the judges. I remember just a year ago having two $400 tripods break during the same shoot. Each on their last leg, literally. Ha, I live to film and my gear comes with me and I push what I have, the story and myself to the limits. This entry is a great representation of the powerful lives, events and stories I have been fortunate to have filmed. Seriously though, The G1 and the package would change everything in my life.

The geometry and architecture within my frame is very important with me. Having the G1 would help me take the skills I have with the precision I demand to a new level with the G1’s ability to perform stable systematic/technical movements in the diverse environments I film in. Though composition is a key element in my storytelling, I also depend on locational spontaneity (what I call scene based inspiration) which the lightweight G1 is great at with it’s quick and robust mounting options.

I have been so motivated because I feel like this is a chance to make even better films tho help others, to tell impacting stories of athletes, artists, craftsmen, social leaders, world leaders and people who might not ever see the internet with the best gear in the world to do the most good and that is rad. Winning this gear would keep overhead lower and creativity and production value evening higher enabling me to partner and collaborate with amazing people around the world.

My film life has been going from a photographer to filmmaker, winning two large awards early, falling in love with my city of Detroit, continuing working for non profit groups around the world, honing my craft and eye. A lot of my work is self motivated and personal. I see the world is in a crazy place right now and when I think of it as the world that I am raising my daughters in, I think of how much more I want to help influence it with stories about amazing people who are helping with environmental issues, social issues, athletes pushing their limits in their sports, artists with their art, those who have overcome huge challenges, and all of that in some incredibly beautiful places. My family and I live a humble lifestyle so each project matters to us. I have some have some great shoots coming up in Africa, Vietnam, Iceland, Hawaii around the US and I think if I win this gear some other opportunities to partner with amazing people might come up. Stoked if that happens! Love collaboration and using the talents given to me to help and inspire others.

Id also like to explain the cover image, 10 hours in to a 24 hour shoot, I didn’t have a dedicated camera boat for these paddle boarders coming across lake michigan to raise awareness of water quality and invasive species, but they lined up perfectly and with my boat moving forward at a steady pace, my camera on high speed because the waters were choppy, I was in a great place to capture this amazing moment. I’ll be filming these guys again in June crossing another great lake. The G1 would be insane for so many reasons. Having a stabilizer on a boat with a long lens would be crazy. I had to rely on slow motion a lot for these shots because bouncy footage from a boat sucks. The zoom control would yield some very dynamic shots as the boat moves. I wasn’t able to get details like the reflection of the other paddle boarders in the glasses of one of the paddle boarders, etc. G1 would crush that.

Truck, Drone, RC Car, glorified golf cart, Cable cam, Boat; All of those can and/or are in future shoots.

I feel like I am in a new era of my filmmaking, in how I see. The years to come look amazing. With the G1, the 8k Red and the 20-120, the years to come will look even better.

Check out the instagram hashtag #shotovermcgee to see the photo of when both tripods broke and for other stories I am focusing on.

Thank you for watching

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