The skies above Folsom were lit up Wednesday night as hundreds of drones formed together to put on a spectacular show.


  1. Many comments said that it is fake. I don't understand. Do you said that this reporter is drone is fake or many people thought that is an alien or something else is fake?

  2. On 5/3/17, at 9:33pm, over our back yard in Donelson Tn, a mile from the airport and 5miles from downtown, we heard a loud sound (like what a washing machine sounds like when it's unbalanced) getting closer to our house, it stopped right above our roof and it sounded like it winded down slowly til it stopped and there was only silence. We thought it maybe a helicopter was emergency landing and shut off it's engine? We ran outside and saw nothing, but we know what we heard was right here, we walked about 20 ft past a large tree that blocked our view of the rest of our backyard and what we saw didn't look like the shapes in the video above, what we saw were about 200 flashing lights going off & on, in no type of pattern except for there were some that flashed on were 4 to 5 lights in a line here and there while other lights were everywhere around it, about 100 ft off the ground in about a 2000sqft area around a large telephone tower, they flashed like this over over a min & 11 seconds -that's how long I recorded them, but while reviewing the video we can only make out a couple of the really bright lights, this was all under a low low cloud covered sky, making the night time look more like a winter snow sky, you couldn't see any stars anywhere, after the 1:11 min the lights just stopped all together.
    Why would a done do this over our backyard, and where the hell did it go if it was a drone, we looked everywhere. Any suggestions?

  3. This is fake, just do the research. It just so happens that NO ONE recorded this light show. Why is it that only Intel and the news has a video of the lightshow but no one else. It's fake.

  4. Wow, drone technology is really advancing rapidly! This was both beautiful and awesome to behold. Thanks for posting it! 🙂

  5. I hear the drones a coming, they´re coming ´round the bend, and I aint seen the sunshine, since, I don´t know when

  6. It's refreshing to hear a female reporter with a normal adult female voice instead of a 5 year old squeaky voice like so  many of them now have.  But this "technology" is for what exactly?  What's the point of it.

  7. wondreing now if the co has done this for years trying to get it right its this all the little light that peoople see sometimes them trying to get it right man why not inform everyone no lets freak everyone out thats much more fun

  8. Lol and I've seen 2 video's so far of channels trying to get ppl to think it's UFO's ! It just goes to show you that a little research on a sent in video can save you the embarrassment and lose of legitimacy ! If someone like me can find this info within minute's of seeing their video's ! They should have no problem ! Unless of course they do know it's BS and still say other wise for revenue ! I do believe there is other life out there ! And most likely have been visited and maybe in megalith times the ET's lived here ! I'm not positive on any of this ! But it intrigue's my curiosity and is the driving force in reading,watch video's and the sky ! I think were getting closer then ever before to finding out the truth . I just hope I'm alive to witness it !

  9. I'm about to test for my Drone Pilot License. I can tell you this, they are NOT supposed to fly at night. Period. But, that said you know the gvmnt. I guess the FAA gave INTEL a special 'waiver' to do it. INTEL must also give a 'official' NOTAM to all airport control towers so that ALL pilots stay clear of the area involved. I admit its cool looking tech. But as usual the gvmnt are hypocrites to allow INTEL to do that, but others, no. I guess we'll see more in the future. Eh!

  10. I think they do this because there are too much extraterrestrials objects in our skies and now they can say oh that was our technology nothing extraterrestrial about it.
    Well if the extrsterrestrials want to come they will.
    You can't hide the truth #ssholes!

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