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The "Drone" is now growing rapidly. Drones are not only part of the hobby, but are also used to maximize work and make time efficient.

For example, to take pictures or video from the air to see road conditions, the condition of a place that is difficult to reach, send packets, and various other purposes. And there are many models and shapes of drones, both sophisticated and large-sized with a full feature and other models.

What we will discuss here is the super mini drone. The drone is very light. A symmetrical rectangle with 4 small propellers. And do you know? This drone only amounted to 3 fingers, itupun already included wings. Cool really right? This drone is equipped with 0.3 MP camera that can immortalize video or photos are quite clear. Reach fly drones can be up to the range of 30 M and can be controlled via wifi on a smartphone that is working IOS or Android. The name of this drone based on the seller's site is

"CX-10W Mini Drone – 6-Axis Stabilizing Gyro" . Still according to the site the seller of this drone has only dimensions: 62x62x25 mm (L x W x D) weighing only: 17 Grams. Wow! Super small and light right. And that would surprise me is the price is very cheap. How much would it cost if you wanted to have this super little drone? Very cheap at all, it costs only $ 30.86 or if at rupiahkan is worth Rp. 413.524 with exchange rate $ 1 is Rp. 13,400; . This is how these super cool cheap drone looks, the pictures we take from the seller's site:

And if you're curious about this drone more clearly, just look at the youtubenya videos below where you will see for yourself the greatness of this super little drone:

Such is our review of this super little drone. For quality issues, we do not know because we are reviewing from the seller's site. If you are interested, you can see on the site. So our review, may be useful.

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