The upgraded Syma X5C-1 quadcopter is so stable that your mother could fly it! It’s the perfect first quadcopter for beginners. It’s also fun for advanced flyers. Get it with free shipping here via Amazon: International viewers buy it here

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  1. Hey Quadcopter 101,
    I've read that a guy ties the same camera you have on your hat to the X5C-1 and it takes the weight just fine ! Big upgrade for video!

  2. when i record video while flying the video gets corrupted and cannot play but when i record while not flying it record and plays good. Any idea ??

  3. Hey 101! 🙂
    Kind of a dated question, but maybe not.
    Is this still the best quad for the beginner or are there any other (current) suggestions?
    Thx! 🙂

  4. That was a amazing review,if it helps you I found it for 33.00 eBay ,most of the other venders there were selling it for 38.00 looking forward to buying it in July .because of your great reviews it makes it a Easyer decission to buy certain quads ,now maybe someday I I get time to fly

  5. I recently got the X5C-1, and am enjoying it. The manual that comes with it could have been written by my mother. It calls what I gather is the beginner/expert toggle the high and low-speed switch. What does going to expert mode change? The manual also indicates there are two modes changed by holding the B button to the right on power up. What (or is there) are the two modes? The manual also itemizes the LCD screen on the controller; #15 appears to be a signal strength indicator but leaves out what it actually is.

  6. Hi sir I don't know If you can still see this but I hope you will…
    I have my syma x5c quadcopter it's been my 2 months of using it but seems like my battery drain fast every time I use it…or maybe their is some problem with my drone what can I do to fix this one…?Btw Im using four batteries but each of them won't take long for flying and I'm not using my cam anymore … I hope you would help me with your Ideas thank U

  7. Hello to you,
    I'm hoping you can help me…
    I have the upgrade x5c-1.
    With all batteries charged, I'm finding the quad will fly only about a foot off the ground, and that very radically.
    I'm learning indoors in our great room of about 20×20 by 22 high.
    Being new, I have no idea what is going on.
    Does this sound familiar to you?
    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.
    Wayne in Colorado Springs.

  8. I need to be a lot smoother, I struggle turning it with the left stuck, I either throttle up or down, can never get a smooth rotation. Practice makes perfect I suppose

  9. Hello sir my name is ivin and i am from india . Your videos were so inspiring i bought one syma x5c1 my self very good quad copter i loved it

  10. my mother? I have a master's degree and i can't even CALIBRATE (the Original model that I have) IT!! IT SUCKS ASSSSSSSS !! You also have to have a Samsung 4.0 PLUS to get video so I can't even get PIX or VIDS! Also, all the controls are REVERSED in the remote control!

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