It may sound like the buzzing of a swarm of bees, but it’s actually the whirring of the new DJI Phantom Vision+ quadcopter that we’ve been testing. We head out to Treasure Island to get some flying lessons and then sit down to explain why we’re so excited about RC drone technology. The first part of this video was actually shot with the Phantom 2 Vision+!

Find more impressions and sample videos here:


  1. Thank for your very good views. Now I'm working with current project related to this drone. And I want to get the data from it during flying like velocity, height, acceleration. I tried it but no result for my team. Could you please recommend me some softwares or tool to get this?

  2. It's kinda funny watching this now… I just bought a Phantom 3 for just 357 Euros (originally packaged, scratches on the box) and it is already so much better than this.

  3. Fun to watch this video in 2017 in the year of the phantom four pro and look at this old technology that cost the same amount of money as the new stuff

  4. You guys are tech gurus and you only stream 720p? Weak. Also, the footage from this quad looks very blotchy and poorly focused. I guess it's not bad for the price, but the quality has a long way to go before it looks professional.

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