1. The race they filmed in the Miami (?) stadium was much more fun to watch! That track was recognizable for the viewer, this one isn't You have no idea what's really going on.

  2. lets have drone race cause drones are pretty badass!!…but lets not shoot any coverage of race cinematically with a drone..too much hassle

  3. Imagine flying something like this at that speed with the accuracy required….. it doesn't matter what creed or race you are…. you are having a ball and working with the latest technology. Your skills and those of a Formula 1 race driver. International league of nations is what I see. Happy exhilarated people have fun. Who cares where it's held. Enjoy.

  4. 50 years ago, 40 years ago, heck 20-30 years – most of that area would be desert, with the nearest population living poor in tents and fishing villages (plenty no doubt still do). Now they are driving Mercedes and racing "Drones" for sport. I don't think so. Banned on all levels.

  5. meanwhile in the u. s. people bringing back Nazi Germany and Trump is their leader. Look on twitter Nazi Trump supporters… yeah they look just about right.

  6. this arabics spending so much money in something so useless and yet keeping people against their will and paying them shit to build their big ass buildings is sad

  7. Great action for those who likes fast flying ! Its better than Nascar racing or Formula 1 🙂
    Next year we can write official music anthem for World Drone Prix 🙂

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