We’ve been talking about it for 2 weeks but today is the day we finally do my review of the brand new DJI Mavic Air. I think this is a fantastic drone but it is certainly not the upgraded Mavic Pro that some might confuse it for. But lets get right into it!

The DJI Mavic Air!

51 Drones Cold Weather Video

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  1. I want to get the spark becouse I dont have €1500 for the mavic but What drone should I buy should I go look for a job and get the mavic pro or should I go for the spark

  2. I had the platinum pro – loved the quietness, but it was a bit big to transport to some cool places.. loved how far it would fly tho. figured the Air would be a good drone, and when and if they come out with a Pro II, it will be in a market that is a little different so that having both the Air and the PRO II would be more complimentary and less confusing marginal lines between the two as it seems now.

  3. The fact that the OTG cable is "built in" to the Mavic Air means that DJI won't take away that feature like they did with the Spark. When they updated the App/FW to remove OTG cable use with the Spark, I rolled my Spark back to a version which still supports it. (DJI Go 4 version 4.1.15). If you read the "Official DJI Spark FB" page/channel, it seems that every day someone is complaining that they are now getting disconnects (between RC/viewing device) and/or fly aways after disconnection (with the Spark). I'm so "miffed" at DJI for pulling that crap with the Spark that I have an inkling to try and sell it off on eBay. Yeah, the so called "Mavic Air" doesn't have Occusync or Lightbridge 2, but it does have 'hard wired' OTG and a more powerful RC (in FCC mode), so the aggravating disconnects and choppy/pixelated FPV video should not be a problem. I can't tell you how many shoots I did NOT do, because I don't have confidence in the Spark. I trust my P3A 100%, but perhaps 5% trust in the Spark (at best). YMMV

  4. Except for owning a couple small toy drones a few years ago, I’m pretty new to the subject. My primary interest is photography so I’m considering buying a Phantom 4 Pro+. The thing that concerns me is what I read in Amazon reviews on DJI in general. About 30% of the people who rate the Phantom 4 Pro+ give it a one or two-star rating. When you read through those poor reviews the one thing that jumps out to me it that DJI seems to have incredibly bad customer service.
    Would you care to comment on any experiences you’ve had with DJI customer service?

  5. 3 Things the Spark is better. Made of metal and not flimsy plastic, Smaller and can be directly charged without carrying yet another power supply.

  6. You’ve got some great videos!! Very informative and great to watch! Just recently purchased the Mavic Pro Platinum looking forward to making some videos! Thanks again for the content!!

  7. Is your biggest disappointment the charger? If distance and time aren’t the biggest issue, would you still recommend the Pro over the Air?

  8. Enjoying your videos!
    As a new-to-drones pleb who took delivery of a Mavic Air a week ago, I think I understand the thinking behind the fly more charger design.

    I think DJI might have set up the one battery at a time solution as a means to keep Airs flying. One battery would charge faster than 2 or 3 so I understand prioritising 1 battery over others in the charger dock.

    As for the Mavic Air itself: I love it. It suits my use-case perfectly: a high quality video in an ultra compact drone built for travelling? What's not to love? A Mavic Pro would be too big and a Spark just doesn't fold down to the same degree.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Hey man, for your third point about the sensors you used the #2 Gimbal transition again by mistake! Just a heads up haha! Great video though man! 🙂

  10. I like how you compared the air more towards the spark.i think it’s a perfect choice if you only own the spark and looking for a little upgrade.i really don’t need all the high tech that’s in the Mavic pro

  11. Ya I think I’m good keeping my Spark as my “daily” and I just picked up a Mavic Pro for $500! The thing was practically brand new. Love my two now. I just wasn’t 100% sold on it.

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