The Best Drone Under $150? ⎯ TRNDlabs Fader Review


Unboxing: 00:28
Design: 00:53
Camera: 1:25
Performance: 1:49
Misc. Specs: 2:55
Remote Controller: 3:09
Companion App: 3:51
Overall Thoughts: 4:14

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15 thoughts on “The Best Drone Under $150? ⎯ TRNDlabs Fader Review

  1. Drone Dropper

    Good to see you play around with some other drones, stick with the dji and higher named brand drones. Your lowest dji drone on its worst setting is better than most other drones. I did the same thing tho, I bought a few smaller drones just to play with inside and work on skills of flying in tight spots. Your video was balanced out well with pros and cons, good work Billy

  2. WisGuy4

    You don't know much about drones if you're claiming a $130 drone that has only a 720p camera is possibly in the running for the title of "best" sub-$150 drone. Or else your title was intended to be pure clickbait.   Any of the MJX Bugs drones would be better, among dozens of possibilities.

  3. Jaime Jaramillo

    off the subject, but can u make a video on how to post videos/ pics from dji spark to fb.. I'm slow thx happy 4th

  4. Eric Cohen

    I would not buy without gps, you can get some with gps in that range. As always well produced video Billy, thank you!!!!

  5. Drone Supremacy

    Although this looks like a good beginner drone, I think there are much better alternatives out there..the UDI 818HD+ or the U45 Blue Jay are both better in my opinion.

  6. Grayson Miller

    This type of quad is great for learning how to fly. I bought a box of Sky Viper quads that were store returns. I got like 8 of them working and thats how I got into quads. I feel like everyone should learn to fly with something like this. I crashed the Sky Vipers a million times and not once did I ever break so much as a prop on one. These little quads are pretty resilient. Now I have lost several to fly aways and tree tops but I flew them beyond their capabilities and thats my fault but thats part of learning. You can learn to fly cheaply without putting a huge amount of money at risk. I also feel like you should learn to fly without flight assists (gps and altitude hold). Actually knowing how to fly manually is important. If you have a gps, barometer, accelerometer, compass, or gyro failure in flight and the quad doesnt crash your gonna have to know how to fly by the seat of your pants to get it home. These little toy quads will always have a place. Even though I rarely fly the ones I still have that didnt fly away I do use them to get other quads out from the tops of trees. There great for flying a fishing line up to a tree top.l lol

  7. lasersbee

    Good Review…BUT.. Lets see….
    – No GPS
    – No Brushless Motors
    – Proprietary Controller
    – Proprietary Battery
    – 720P 1MP camera
    – 50 Meter Control Range
    – 7 Minutes Flight Time
    – $130 USD

    I don't think so…
    There are much less expensive and more feature rich Quads out there.

  8. Coast to Coast Drones'

    You always gotta have an indoor flyer ….for those rainy days when you just gotta fly ….I have 2 indoor flyers !! Luv My Nano's


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