I got excited when I heard about the CX-95W, Cheersons foray into the Tiny whoop/blade inductix world with FPV all for under £40, sign me up.

Much was my excitement I even did an unboxing video and a review vid – sadly that was where my excitement stopped, I will explain why later.

First of all lets meet the drone.

The CX-95W comes in three colours – Green,Blue and Red so three of you could race together possibly.

It is about 10cm squared and 5cm deep so a tiny little thing, it has a pcb lightweight frame, and with battery it weighs in at 41g which is nothing and yet when I got it flying outside, it did fine in the light wind. It is surprisingly robust and my version took many knocks due it dropping and rising at uncontrollable and random moments and it sustained no damage what so ever.


It comes with a transmitter and mobile phone holder as well, the transmitter is a futuristic looking style design with extendable sides for comfort, it feels nice in the hand and the controls feel good. It has shoulder buttons but these are disabled for some reason with the rate mode and flip being done with a press of the throttle and yaw sticks instead. It is used across a lot of cheersons range at the moment, such as the CX-17 Cricket It takes 2xAAA batteries which a pleasant change from the standard 4xAA in most transmitters.

You download an app for the phone by either using the QR codes on the side of the box or searching for CX-95Wifi in the play or app store depending on your phone. It can serve as a controller for the quadcopter with either on screen joysticks, or via gyroscopic control, where you tilt your phone forwards and backwards, left to right.


You can turn these off on the screen so you can just see the camera view, un-obscured, you are also able to select VR which will double the screen and size it to be used with phone VR goggles, this does work very well.

The CX-95 has three speed settings called beginner (30%) Advanced (60%) and Expert (100%) and at 100% it is a very nimble and nippy quadcopter.

The FPV is via wi-fi only and if you have other sources, it can get a bit glitchy but it is very useable – just perhaps not a great speed but once again, this is a sub £40 tiny whoop.

Now, I had issues with my version I bought, it was 2nd hand off ebay so it might have been the reason it was for sale but it was touted as pretty much new and looked it. The biggest issue I had was it kept dropping and gaining height randomly, no matter how gentle I was with the throttle, which to be honest stays in place as part of the hover function, so I am not sure, I calibrated it several times but it would just not keep at a nice level, which made flying it very difficult indeed, also the camera did not seem to have as wide an angle was I was expecting and was set way too high, making FPV very hard to use. Like I say, this could have just been my model and to be honest I hope it was, as this has a lot going for it on it prices range, yes the FPV video is poor, but it is only a 0.3mp camera and for sub £40 you cannot ask for more.

If cheerson release a MK2 version I will get one and see what improvements have been made, until then, I would say its up to you, for the price, it could be hit or miss, if it does work properly then awesome, if not then at least you have not lost too much. But I think I would spend the extra and get the Inductrix or the Makerfire versions to get into the micro drone racing world.


  • Cheap
  • Nice transmitter
  • Simple to use app
  • Gyroscopic control is a nice touch
  • Sturdy
  • Fast


  • My version was erratic
  • Camera not wide angle enough
  • Camera set too high or pointed too high
  • low res on the fpv and wi fi only

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