A drone that shoots at the edge of the motorway 30 meters earlier mentioned the floor to detect road visitors violations: Aquitaine motorway CRS now frequently use this new instrument and deployed it on Friday The celebration of the initially departures on holiday break. A tiny black type in the sky, the drone continues to be stationary in the air at the edge of the A10 motorway, in the commune of Saint-André-de-Cubzac (Gironde), about thirty kilometers from Bordeaux. On the floor, driving a embankment, the CRS enjoy carefully on a transmission screen the visuals showing the continuous flow of significant trucks and cars going in the Paris-Bordeaux path.

Very quickly, a truck Which does not regard the basic safety length is recognized. The officer immediately warns the enterprise&#39s motorcyclists positioned one particular kilometer absent, supplying them a precise description of the car or truck. Objective: to arrest the offender who was not likely to be mindful that he was getting observed … “The drone is an alternative means of management that can fly in all discretion,” confirms Captain Pascal Gensous, whose men use for the next Periods because June, after 4 check phases in 2016-2017. “And earlier mentioned all, it has a lower value, about 10 cents for each hour of flight, much a lot less than a helicopter,” explains the captain, though the drones&#39 unique constraints defined by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation DAGC) ought to be respected, which includes the prohibition to fly above the road alone. “This type of instrument makes it easier to detect offenses than if the law enforcement are on the roadside,” explains Samuel Boujou, director of cabinet of the prefect of Gironde. “It also makes it achievable to get the concept out to motorists that, where ever they are, they can be managed and ought to consequently be vigilant.”

For now, the drone belongs To the prefecture, which areas it at the disposal of the security forces. In the prolonged time period, the motorway CRS of Aquitaine hopes to have its personal drone for the firm of the controls

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