This is the stylish gadget for 3 yrs: the drone. Apart from that these minimal devices are not straightforward to fly and higher than all, there are a lot of regulations to regard in the airspace. The Tourangelle Visadrone company has teamed up with GRETA to provide pilot and security classes.


Much more than a million drones fly in France. Devices that price involving three hundred and extra than 6000 euros. In purchase to keep away from breakage and to know the essential regulations of security in the airspace, the GRETA of Indre-et-Loire proposes education classes of piloting, in association with the company Tourangelle Visadrone.

The education can take area on the grounds of the product plane club of the Choisille in Semblançay. It is provided by an knowledgeable pilot, Sébastien Maxmain, who now teaches his college students to solution the floor precisely, or to form an eight in the air.

This afternoon, the pupils are in simple fact professors in industrial sciences of the engineer. It is the Grandmont Superior School that presents them the education so that they study their college students to study notions such as motor speed or bodily magnitudes, in a extra playful way.

With these classes of piloting, the professors also return on the benches of the faculty to study the regulations that govern the airspace. Prohibition to fly when there are people in the vicinity, obligation to prevent the control tower at the commencing and at the conclusion of the flights … The regulations are many due to the fact if drones are found as devices, they remain harmful for The uninitiated.

And in purchase to fly properly and quietly, formal maps of free of charge flight zones or no-fly areas (such as the Chinon nuclear electricity plant, However the web pages labeled Sévézo). You should consult with in advance of removing these little gears and keep away from any problems.


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