1. This so depresses me; I should be the flying drone racing competitor for the UK. I used to have some of the best hand-eye co-ordination in the world, being the best player in the world at numerous video games; Unfortunatly due to a tragic misfortune when all my numbers came up in the lottery and I was unable to put them so threw away £36 million, I had a stroke because of this and now cant play games or fly drones for shit; totally lost my gift. Whereas if Id've won the lottery I could have invested a lot of time and money on my drone team and become a future sports star with my beastly abilities. Instead I must wallow in depression with what could have been and what my life has instead now become, CUNT!!

  2. ijo puta como sigas suibiendo esta mierda te denuncio el canal no he benido aqui a ber cienpiies muertos y estirados con un dron bolando por ensima vorra este bideo por fabor no me gusta el vasura

  3. terrible imo they shouldn't be able to "cut the track" sure they're flying drones, i understand that, but wheres the challenge aside from going through the hoops and time trial?? DRL did it better imo.

  4. Congratulations Luke and team (mr cleanflight changing your batteries? Really?) for the nay sayers, Luke makes it look easy, it isn't, this is the final of the best racing pilots in the world, the winner of the us open (finalglide) didn't even reach this race (no disrespect Chad), you don't believe me? Go buy a cheap little hubsan x4 and try and fly it, then scale it up to 100kmh

  5. Better than I could hope to be, but still he needs to work on his "touch points", specific locations on the track where he does certain things to get the best performance. He is constantly overshooting his turns and too much "point and shoot".

    Drones and like RC cars, just add one more dimension of movement, and I can tell he needs to work on setting up his turns and corners.

  6. That first pitstop threw off his rhythm bigtime. I could swear they changed pilots. 🙂 I agree with others, I'd like to see more than one pilot's perspective.

  7. this coverage had a lot of potential. If they had done something similar to what they are doing for the drone racing league(Race info, lap times, Who's racing ) it would have been so much better in my opinion

  8. Wow,that was absolutely outrageously FUK'N AWSOME!!! Sorry foe the expletive. I have never seen this before, it really had my heart rate up. That kid is amazing.

  9. This is absolute shit. Dron races should be highly intensive. I've seen enough footage from various championships and the only thing I've learn from that is that if you want to entertain people then your championship has to have very speedy and intensive races. Actually speed is the most important thing in my opinion. Here I see some complecated track which just doesn't allow to move really fast! It's a problem of a scale. The track should be like 10 times bigger. It's a lot more fun to watch this kind of races from your screen than live.

  10. If this is supposed to get folks interested in rotor racing, sorry you missed. We need to see footage from the other rotors in the race, usually second or third place if comparably paced, is the best view. A one-take from the leader is boring and as others have mentioned, where is the telemetry on the video?

  11. Look at this embarrassing headline written by http://www.News.com.au – This kid just won $330k from a ridiculous event. They also said something along the lines of, it takes a 15 year old to make you realize you chosen the wrong career. Completely undermining the skill and dedication needed to become not only good but high level at something like this. Also calling it ludacris. Shame on you Australian news.

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