The Avord air base is loaded with a record of more than 100 yrs. In 1912, the first airmen set up in a meadow to climb just one of the extremely first piloting colleges. Six yrs later, in 1918, 1,300 aircraft and more than 6,000 people today populated the airfield which would see Guynemer, Nungesser, Bourjade …

In the middle of the frenzy that reigns on the base, July 2 1917, Captain Max Boucher, attempting to spare the lives of pilots in beat and instruction, had the plan of ​​flying a Neighbor a hundred and fifty HP “ with truncated wings and geared up

The very same report aspects the flight in this way:” “ The aircraft rolled about a hundred and fifty meters, flew extremely normally, turned steadily to the ideal, landed normally by touching the ideal wing and rolled about a hundred and fifty meters” . The aircraft will have flown about 1,000 meters and will not have exceeded 50 meters of altitude.

1923, Max Boucher and Maurice Percheron fly a TSF-controlled drone. The undertaking will not be ongoing © Les Copains d&#39Avord

In early 1918, the chairman of the Senate&#39s Military Committee, Georges Clémenceau, introduced a undertaking “without the need of pilots. Captain Max Boucher then pursued his research in the subject and flying a neighbor BN3 on September 14, 1918, for just about just one hundred kilometers and for fifty one minutes, employing wireless telegraphy.

the French, the British and the People had presently been fascinated in the matter. Archibald Minimal, in Good Britain, had presently imagined the principle of the airplane without the need of pilot, guided by TSF. At the very same time in the United States, brothers Ambrose and Lawrence Sperry and Peter Cooper Hewitt imagined a identical approach. Max Boucher was the first to show the feasibility of this kind of a approach.

In 1923, Max Boucher teamed up with engineer Maurice Percheron to develop not a droned aircraft but a serious drone . The war ended, the French army did not see the interest of supporting the growth of this technologies. Sad to say for the duo, even if the aircraft will make a flight concluding April 17, 1923, the undertaking will be deserted.

Guardians of memory of this aviation internet site more than a hundred yrs previous, the museum of the air base 702 d&#39Avord and the association l es Copains d&#39Avord preserve the memory of the “father” of the drone, Max Boucher. The museum can be frequented on ask for by generating an appointment with the interaction mobile of the base.


To make an appointment for the go to of the Museum of the Air Base 702 d&#39Avord:

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