This my friends is the GDU O2 – a drone which could be the one which puts the fairly unknown name of GDU on the map – aimed squarely at the DJI Mavic users, the GDU O2 has a few wonderful tricks up its sleeve to help tempt you away from DJI or indeed perhaps chose this over them – or at least on paper it does, without flying one yet as its just been announced and previewed on the 7th Sept i sadly couldn’t say just yet.

GDU 02

But first lets look at this bird.

Dimension: 7.3*2.04*3.66 in
Weight: With Battery 1.56 lb (With Battery 0.87 lb)
Max. Horizontal Speed: 33.6 mph
Max. Ascend Speed: 11.2 mph
Max. Flight Altitude: 11482 ft
Hovering Time: Without Prop. Guard 20 mins (With Prop. Guard 15 mins)
Operating Temperature: 32℉ To 104℉
Firmware Update: Update Through App
RTH: Support
Wind Resistance: 12mph

Its just a little larger than the Mavic, yet lighter, it’s a bit slower than the Mavics top speed of 40mph, and its flight times are less, 24min vs 20min but DJI have been at this for some time now so its a damn fine effort from GDU

The Gimbal is a 3 Axis Gimbal with a good pitch range of -90 to give you the straight down shots and to 30 degrees upwards and the camera is a 1/3 inch 13mp CMOS sensor running at 4K, so it should produce so very nice footage and if the promo vid is anything to go by then I am looking forward to seeing the results

The camera itself comes in to memory sizes, 16gig and 32gig built in, i cant find if there is a slot to extend this at all though.

Anyway onto the Quadcopter itself, you may remember I mentioned it had some tricks up it sleeve, lets have a look.

Well the main one is how the props and arms are stored. Unlike the Mavic or the Walkera Vitus the GDU O2 stores its arms and props inside itself – you just slide them out to go, keeping its size down and also the props safe.What are these tricks you ask?


Its Next trick is with its Transmitter (we will talk about the Transmitter soon) as this attaches to the folded GDU O2 and makes it a great compact package for storing in your rucksack for travel or in a drawer at home or work.



It also has the full array of sensors, positioning with GPS/GLONASS, obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition for selfies, and some presets in the app which sound fun, like Rocket, dronie and circle.

Onto the Transmitter

Unclipped from the Drone the transmitter slides out to hold your phone and looks to have a connection port on it also – you may need an adapter for it to take the new USB-C style port. The ariels unfold and there is a small info screen on the bottom side of the controller.


Sport mode looks to be activated by a switch on the front and the sticks look sprung so I would guess you can use mode 1 or 2.

It should last for about 1.5 hours before it will need a charge as well.

There will be 2 variations on the O2 – the O2 and the O2 plus – the plus adds larger in built memory to 32 and the control range increases to around 4 miles

Price wise, this is its 3rd trick – in the UK it will be around about $730 when it is released in October which if it translates well into pounds would make it about £600 which is £300 cheaper than the Mavic

I have put a word in with GDU to see if we can get a test unit but at the moment we are a small blog so its doubtful, in the meantime, enjoy their release video


and GDUs website with more info on the O2 can be found here


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