So as a rule Sarah and I usually hop on a plane to somewhere sunny sandy and where beer flows freely, this year however we have stayed close to home. I turned 29 in November and I told myself I was finally going to get round to starting that blog! So here I am, no clue what I am going to write about but I will try my best. Last weekend we stayed in an amazing log cabin called the Heart of Wales, I have to say for anyone looking for a dog friendly accommodation it was an awesome solid 9 out of 10. Nestled in the backs and beyond of Llandrindod Wells we had a cosy little wooden cabin with a hot tub,  the price was fair and relatively cheap as log cabins go, The welcome hamper was a lovely touch and the views were breathtaking. We settled in nicely and enjoyed an evening under the stars in our private hot tub until the rain hit us, it felt like tiny ice bullets hitting our bare skin.

We slept great and the next day took a trip to Elan Valley in Rhayader for a relaxing scenic birthday walk, we have a love hate history with the place meaning we love to walk it but hate walking it in the rain and it loves to rain there! We turned around after the 5th shower soaked us through to our underwear, while heading back to the car I slid down a hill like a pot belly pig and thus concluded the birthday walk from hell. As much as i sound like I’m moaning it really is an amazing place and you should defiantly visit if given the chance. So back to the cabin for a relaxing afternoon as it was still raining the hot tub was a no go, this is why I cannot give the place 10/10 no WIFI! great if your going away to get away from the world not so great if its hammering down and theres nothing on free view. They did have a small DVD collection and we settled on watching the Green Mile (Tom Hanks movie always a winner) For dinner a Chinese takeaway from the town, I don’t remember the name but it was delicious and not over priced then another evening in the hot tub.

Sunday fun day we explored Llandrindod and found a few lovely parks to walk Joey, It was a relaxing and chilled morning. Llandrindod itself is quite small with a few quirky shops (not open on Sundays!) all in all nothing overly exciting. Back at the cabin I decided to try fly my Phantom DJI drone, knowing that the weather conditions were not the best and that a novice like myself shouldn’t try to fly it there I did it anyway! The footage after it crashed is quite comical Sarah shouting at me from the hot tub is not something I see very often so i was glad to get it on video. It really is a relaxing place and we had a great weekend away together and in the end thats what matters the most, spending time with your family! Thanks for reading my first blog be sure to subscribe for more!

Heres a link to Heart Of Wales cabin Heart of Wales

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