Sherbrooke’s Multimodal Autonomous Drone (S-MAD) performing autonomous landing and takeoffs from walls. Presented at Living Machines 2017, Stanford (Best Robotics Paper Award). More information can be found in the following article:

Mehanovic, D., Bass, J., Courteau, T., Rancourt, D. and Lussier Desbiens, A., 2017, July. Autonomous Thrust-Assisted Perching of a Fixed-Wing UAV on Vertical Surfaces. Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (pp. 302-314).

We present the first fixed-wing drone that autonomously perches and takes off from vertical surfaces. Inspired by birds, this airplane uses a thrust-assisted pitch-up maneuver to slow down rapidly before touchdown. Microspines are used to cling to rough walls, while strictly onboard sensing is used for control. The effect of thrust on the suspension’s landing envelope is analyzed and a simple vertical velocity controller is proposed to create smooth and robust descents towards a wall. Multiple landings are performed over a range of flight conditions.

Bird Landing Video – PCO
Music – Anders Schill Paulsen (Epidemic Sound)


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  2. Looks like it has to have something "rough" to cling to….for now anyway.
    So just make all your "stuff" slick, so these can't attach 😉

  3. I fail to see how this is new, given that this has been done manually for decades, and APM could do this stunt with a little bit of tweaking?

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