filmed using a prototype Samsung Gear 360

music by Taylor Galford &

all shot in Austin TX during SXSW 2016


  1. I'm wonder if this how we are going to watch films in the future, where the viewer is the one that does "editing", by choosing where he wants to look at any moment, where he puts his attention

  2. This camera has serious issues with image stitching… and also with the final quality… whatever, the best is yet to come

  3. Here is a little problem with the 360 video, and that's at the side of the video, its crooked. Like the clips aren't match together to be straight

  4. Starts the vlog a min passes by thinking what the hell is Casey doing… The video moves I get excited and start looking everywhere and now I feel dizzy

  5. I've never seen one of these type of videos before. Very cool! I love how you can check out the whole scene even on pause. The only disappointing thing is that the resolution is not as nice and sharp as your regular vlogging camera.

  6. It's a neat little gimmick and I could see it working for some things (think of a horror movie in 360!) but I would hate it if it were used for every day vlogging. Just too much going back to see things you missed. I watch vids to relax, not to be a cinematographer.

  7. It seems like I'm the only one who really liked this style. Conan's 360 videos are terrible but this was excellent. Not as fun on mobile where you have to rely on the accelerometer to pan the shot.

  8. I noticed a black line down the middle of the 360 video when it was facing you, I'm not sure if that was there before? Not nit picking, just curious.

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