Jesse and Mehdi want to introduce the public to the piloting in immersion.


Jesse and Mehdi want to introduce the general public to the piloting in immersion. – J. Gicquel / twenty Minutes


  • The Lipoloop will open its doorways by the close of the yr.
  • We can pilot a drone in FPV with immersive glasses.
  • The put is also a put of initiation to the piloting of drone.


The notion of the themed bars is declined to infinity. After the cat bars or
cheese bars put at the bar drones. The very first facility of its kind will open its doorways by the close of the yr in a hangar positioned Route de Lorient in Rennes. Powering this project, two associates, Mehdi Boussaïd, 32, and Jesse Rabu, 28, the two passionate about geek lifestyle.

The Lipoloop which is dedicated to the race of drones will before long open. title of the bar, will make the general public
the FPV (Very first Man or woman Look at) a self-discipline however unknown in France. “It&#39s piloting in immersion. We equip ourselves with glasses or a helmet and we see what the camera embarked on a drone or a distant-controlled motor vehicle films, “says Mehdi. “We have an unbelievable sensation of speed,” Jesse continues, wishing with his bar “to endorse this new way of driving cellular equipment.”

A racing circuit in futuristic options

Right before the opening of the premises, the two good friends will have to change their hangar, formerly occupied by a caterer, into a actual racing circuit. They rely on a surge of World-wide-web end users to finance the order of futuristic sets. “We will put in luminous doorways that the drones will have to cross, ramps for the autos as effectively as numerous hurdles”, emphasizes Mehdi

A room to fix its drone

A glass in hand and the distant control in the other, consumers can then pull on their own out in the attempt to split the circuit record. The professionals of Lipoloop do not look at to make their bar a den of purists. “Cough folks who have by no means driven a drone will just come and check out. It is however improved to know how to get a drone in hand prior to heading to invest in 1, “continues Mehdi.

Beside the bar space, the two co-professionals also system to put in a room for the fix and sale of drones. “We definitely want to build a massive neighborhood, like that of gamers, so that folks come to exchange, to give on their own information,” hope the two lovers.






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