The fight for being the fastest is not reserved for traditional means: if you depend on the Drone Racing League, which organizes racing competitions between drones, the dispute will also be among the small flying robots.

The weapon chosen by the DRL, relatively unsatisfied to fly at 130 km / h with its Racer3 – model used by category pilots – was the RacerX, a drone capable of reaching an impressive 289 km / h.

The mark was enough for the ultra-high-speed flying device to be included in the world record book as the world’s fastest drone. For the record, however, the average speed between two passes in the space of 100 meters was considered: the official result was 263.1 km / h.

Performance is possible thanks to four 2500 kV TMotor F80 2407 engines that make the small propellers turn at an impressive 46,000 revolutions per minute.

For DRL competitions, the average speed should remain a little lower – after all; it’s hard enough to see drones flying at half RacerX’s top speed.

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