– @tomscott – A filming drone, video goggles, a Mazda MX-5 Miata and a disused airfield. Paul and Oli compete to answer the question: can you drive in a third person view?

The stunts in this video were performed by trained drivers on a closed course. Do not try this at home.

Paul is on Twitter at @cr3 and – Oli’s at @coldclimate and

Thanks to our aerial filming crew, Neil and Rob from Skypower, – they stepped in at very short notice to make it happen!


  1. Actually, if their video feed was HD, there would have been a very noticable lag due to the way video is encoded and transmitted. Anything above about 650tvl has some lag, which is why all professional drone racers use 600tvl cameras.

  2. Was that their actual view? Or was it recreated? Either way that was't as good as I expected.. We have a racing drone setup for freestyle (kind of) and the fpv looks noticeably better (without any significant lag). Still wouldn't be able to see that wire mesh fence dough.

  3. Remote control car drivers do this all the time. What's this guys problem? Heck, people fly remote control helicopters from every orientation, not just directly behind and they aren't nearly as easy as to operate.

  4. Interesting.
    I seem to remember hearing once that all of you that drive on the left have your pedals and everything else reversed to that of what we right side drivers have it. Any truth to that?
    Also, curious why they didn't go with a more video gamey style system, b/c when I think driving in third person I think more like how it's done in video games. So, why not instead of the drone, just built a sort scorpion tail-esk rig with a camera on the end and have that wired directly to the driver.

  5. meh… would be nice to currently see (or mimic) what would be the drone following the Car, (automatic, not radiocontrolled) that always stick on the car's back and that changes sighlty the angle based on the wheels turning… so 4 the pilot he would be always driving to the front (from the drone perspective)

    That would be really interesting and actually useful… on this video almost nothing follows a logic… how is he supposed to have any feedback if everything displayed there dont got any sense?… Its like say to somebody "aim this gun using the sight, but without using the correct perspective"… DUMB.

  6. Sorry to nitpick, but of course they have latency to the goggles. It's just a question of how much.
    The recent developments in VR suggest that if there should be less than 20ms between action and perception for the experience to not feel disconnected. The image from a camera such as a go pro will have to through some processing scale it down / compress it for broadcast and it's most likely changing format several times before reaching the driver's eyes which will undoubtedly add latency. You can see this by pointing a camera at a screen displaying that camera's image and you should see the image recurses into itself.

    Really cool idea though, thanks for sharing.

  7. In this video, Tom kind of reminds me of Andrew Younghusband, the host of Canada's Worst Driver. Who knows, maybe if Britain's Worst Driver makes a comeback with a similar setup to the Canadian version, perhaps Tom could take some time out of his YouTube career to have a whack at that hair-raising job.

  8. is there any reason the feed is so low rez? would be amazing to see the/a high def real time video that the driver is seeing as they do a lap if it's possible now days – i imagine it should be given some of the drones i've seen used for high quality skateboarding videos

  9. I think I would be good at this because im used to playing computer racing games. I even have experience driving around in the tv view in games like rfactor. I could never race in that view, but to drive around slowly like this would be no problem.

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