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Jean-Baptiste Hanrion, a college student at the Estaca, is on a training training course in the start off-up
Seaproven in Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne (Mayenne) on HolidayCheck Co-designer of a drone
Exceptional in the world, it should really be hired at the beginning of the university yr.


The closest shoreline to Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne (Mayenne) is one hundred km absent. This does not avoid Seaproven from building the foreseeable future marine robotic: a drone named Sphyrna . World premiere, this dugout canoe, nonetheless in improvement, is destined to observe the seas.

The closest university of aeronautical engineers is only ten km absent, in Laval (Mayenne): l&#39Estaca. Jean-Baptiste Hanrion remaining Nancy to study in the baccalaureate university five many years in the past. For his 6-thirty day period internship, he joined Fabien Burignot de Varenne in February, the leader and founder of Seaproven due to the fact 2014.

“This training course was a tiny out of curriculum”

“I satisfied Fabien by probability in the retailer Micro Designs in Laval” tells the college student, also registered at the aeromodelling club of Laval

“This internship was a tiny out of curriculum” suggests the trainee. L&#39Estaca does not educate engineers in maritime transportation. “I was an officer of the merchant navy, and Jean-Baptiste comes from the aeronautics”, clarifies Fabien Burignot de Varenne who rates Alain Gerbault, Moments pilot and browser Laval.

For this job, Jean-Baptiste Hanrion is effective equally very well on embedded units or propulsion as on aerodynamics.

Irrespective of the eighteen many years between them, the master-trainee relationship does not exist. “It is my guardian but I tutoie”, testifies the foreseeable future engineer, what the entrepreneur translates in these phrases: “just one particular person instructions here : the Mission .

“Most of my comrades are performing their internship in bigger businesses, for safety” observes the college student. The gain of performing an internship in a tiny business? “In start off-up, we have to make ourselves adaptable,” notes the trainee. “Receiving my start off-up up ? Of training course I believe about it “he adds, impatient to complete his five many years of scientific tests.

As of this autumn, Jean-Baptiste Hanrion will leave on a mission in Germany for the company. In parallel, his tutor has hired a college student-trainee from Esia, a further engineering university in Laval, in DNG, a company he owns shares in. The self-entrepreneur claims it previously: “I will absolutely acquire other trainees.”

When waiting for the recruitment, Jean-Baptiste nonetheless has to assistance his thesis of internship at the beginning of the university yr. As a tutor, Fabien will be a member of the jury: “I do not be concerned about the validation of his thesis ! “



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