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 A canon CAESAR on the base Qayyarah on October 31, 2016
A CAESAR canon on the foundation Qayyarah on October 31, 2016
Yet another illustration of the technological leap of the century, the canon Caesar, “hero” of the Battle of Mosul in opposition to the Islamic Point out group, will parade in tandem with the AHMAD AL-RUBAYE AFP / Archives

A historic one hundred fifty five gun mounted on a Renault truck.

Armored front automobile (VAB) sanitary and cellular bridge crossing will stroll alongside an outdated ambulance of the Wellness Provider and a boat pulled by a truck.

– &#39Made in Germany&#39 –

The French Military&#39s new assault rifle, the German HK 416, will be the highlight of the French parade. ] An assault rifle HK 416 in Canjuers on June 13, 2017 © BORIS HORVAT AFP / Archives “facts-lazyload =” loading “onclick =” return xt_med (&#39F&#39, &#39214&#39, &#39Pictures :: trump_le_drone_reaper_and_the_bird_messaoud_au_defile_du_fourteen_juillet_3&#39) ” Title = “An assault rifle HK 416 in Canjuers on June 13, 2017 © BORIS HORVAT AFP / Archives” src = “http://www.lepoint.fr/visuals/2017/07/13/9431474lpw-9431473-jpg_4420048. A HK 416 assault rifle in Canjuers, Kuwait Town, Kuwait. 13 June 2017 © BORIS HORVAT AFP / Archives

It will be introduced by the 1st regiment of Tirailleurs d&#39Epinal, the very first outfitted. The Military will receive ninety three,000 HK 416 by 2028, which will substitute the legendary FAMAS of French manufacture.

– Drones –

For the very first time, the French military will deploy one particular of its Reaper drones above the Champs-Elysées as part of the air security system bordering the parade.

It will give televisions with some visuals of the environment up of troops on the ground but will operate among 3,000 and 10,000 meters of altitude and will consequently continue being invisible.

This significant 4.5-ton, MALE (Medium Altitude, Very long Stamina) drone, manufactured in the United States, has grow to be a major asset in the surveillance of jihadists in the Sahel. France has six – five centered in Niamey and one particular in Cognac (Charente) – in an unarmed edition.

A prototype of the Patroller, the foreseeable future tactical drone of the French military built by Sagem, will also show up above the Champs-Elysees and give visuals of the parade. These drones help troopers deployed on the ground with direction of artillery fire.

– Aries carry superior luck –

Messaoud V, the mascot of the 1st regiment of Tirailleurs, an imposing merinos ram with potent curved horns, will not tread the pavement of the avenue – a land way too unfamiliar – but will be present for the troop evaluate by the president At the Arc de Triomphe.

“When our troopers go into operations, they touch the horns of Messaoud V and this carries the baraka,” describes Eric, the learn ram of the 1st RT who inherited the tradition of the skirmishers of North Africa.

Messaoud V is the fifth in the line of the regiment&#39s mascots, made in 1994.

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