The U.S. military launched 6 drone strikes in opposition to Islamic Point out positions in Libya on Friday, months soon after militants were pushed from safe havens there.

Officials announced the procedure Sunday, declaring that 17 militants were killed and a few cars were wrecked when unmanned aircraft targeted a desert camp about a hundred and fifty miles southeast of Sirte, a coastal city exactly where ISIS fighters were defeated by U.S.-backed Libyan forces previous September.

Sirte served as an critical logistics and arranging hub for Islamic Point out leaders, and it was considered a potential fallback if the terrorist group were to get rid of its de facto funds in Syria.

Friday’s attack arrived as President Trump seeks to more relax limitations on attacking terrorists outside the house active war zones. Since assuming office in January, his administration has sought to roll back Obama-period restrictions restricting strikes that put civilians at possibility or exactly where there is no “continued and imminent threat” to U.S. staff, The Washington Put up noted in March.

Friday’s operation was the initially noted U.S. strike within Libya since late-January, when an approximated eighty Islamic Point out militants were killed 30 miles from the Mediterranean coast.

In a statement, U.S. Africa Command reported Islamic Point out militants strategically seize ungoverned territory to recruit and plot attacks, such as in Europe. Military Maj. Audricia M. Harris, a Pentagon spokeswoman, explained to The Put up that the strikes were carried out by unmanned plane but she would not say which model. MQ-9 Reaper drones have been utilized for very similar strikes in Libya.

The Pentagon maintains a small presence in Libya, primarily Specific Operations troops and joint terminal attack controllers who can direct airstrikes from the ground. The United States often depends on Libyan federal government troops to go on coordinates.

Libya has been engulfed in conflict due to the fact the tumble of Moammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. U.S. forces began targeting the Islamic Point out there since early 2016, when the militant group experienced upward of 6,000 fighters distribute throughout Sirte and encompassing parts. By this spring, officers approximated that only 200 or so remained in Libya.

In the January attack, just one of the previous carried out all through the Obama administration, two B-two bombers and an unspecified range of Reaper aircraft unleashed nearly 100 weapons on Islamic Point out coaching camps southwest of Sirte. At the time, U.S. officials declared the operation a strong blow to the Islamic State’s dwindling presence in the area.

“Was it a dying knell for ISIS in Libya?” then-Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook reported in January, referring to an acronym for the group. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

Claudia Gazzini, senior Libya analyst for the Global Disaster Team, explained to The Put up on Sunday that the recent strikes do not suggest that ISIS militants have regained power, but they do ensure assessments that scattered militants are able of massing to strike forces in a 100- to a hundred and fifty-mile bubble to Sirte’s south and east.

Despite the fact that the location of the camps was not released, Gazzini reported they are in the rough geographic place of al-Fuqaha, exactly where ISIS militants attacked a Libyan Nationwide Military checkpoint and beheaded 9 soldiers and two civilians in August, Newsweek noted. ISIS militants attacked a town east of Sirte this month and carried out solutions at a mosque there, she reported.

Secretary of Point out Rex Tillerson was in London on Sept. 14 to discuss simmering conflicts, such as Libya, whilst Gazzini reported it appears that the United States will proceed to deal with violence in the country from the air.

“This strike seems to suggest Libya is predominantly an anti-terrorism file and only subsequently a political file” for the U.S. federal government, she reported.

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