UPS tested the use of drones for residential delivery for the first time in Tampa, Florida. The company demonstrated an octocopter launching from the roof of a hybrid electric delivery van, making a delivery, then returning to re-dock on the van which had moved to a new location further down the road.

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  1. while they are at droning deliveries, I only wish UPS can assist me trace my certificate which was posted from boulder Colorado they manhandled my very important documents badly, the recipient said it was squeezed inside the mailbox, not even signed for collection, when it was a registered mail. my birth certificate got missing, for some reason it was posted to Canada but the envelope arrived in a very deplorable condition.

    they completely roughandled my hard earned degree Certificate, and lost my birth certificate which was to be used in a school admission.
    their reply was that I need to show them a receipt before they can pay me for my missing document which I feel they think it has no value, but my birth certificate has been with me since my birth and the only thing I use in remembering my roots,

    now they want to return 20$ to my brother who did the posting, who does that? an original like a birth certificate from my country is irreplaceable, the cost of flying to my birth city alone in West Africa to start the long search is something else

    I don't need compensation, if they can only take responsibility for their carelessness and try to trace my Birth certificate, I would really be grateful.

  2. When the geniuses running the world have succeeded automating 3/4ths of humanity out of work, who will they sell their crap to?

  3. I like how he tried to make it sound like it was the fault of the reporters that the drone fucked up, and not the fault of the drone itself

  4. for anyone that has had a route job, every minute counts and you are always looking for efficiency. Cintas has a 4 day workweek, it saves millions in gas weekly.. This will work , but only in rural areas. People say, "Why not do this in Manhattan" // well , the driver stays on 1 block all day long in Manhattan , it wouldnt help at all// He might have 200 packages for 1 building. People say " why be soo lazy , run to the front door" .. Well , any insurer would tell you that backing up increases risks for a claim , so ideally , UPS doesnt want their trucks entering driveways at all.. ALL these seemingly small losses add up to millions and millions of dollars beyond what we imagine.

  5. Its cool they are testing this but so far away from prime time. The weight of the package alone is < 5lbs and not much is going to be delivered that way.

  6. but now everyone will know there is a package delivery there.. and how do you dump the package out of the drone? do it just toss the package outside your door? then anyone can steal it.

  7. the should put five drones on it so the truck could go to the center of where the packages need to be delivered and do it all at once

  8. Can you idiots stop supporting this drone shit? Can't you see they are setting up a society where no one will have a fucking job in the future? Wake up. All because the driver is too lazy to get off their ass and go to the front door.

  9. So the drone has sensors to avoid power lines and other obstacles? The drone has sensors to avoid chopping up humans and animals? Especially the curious ones like dogs that will run to grab them? The drones are cost efficient? I know drone operators that spend $30k on their drones for filming and they can hoist two cameras and stay aloft for 20 minutes. That sounds cost effective to deliver for a fee of $100/delivery. Will the FAA even license a drone to operate sans pilot out of the direct line of sight of the operator? The answer right now is No. Will UPS have to have a Pilot in Control of said drones to be in compliance with FAA rules? Probably. Will they have to have 1500 hours of flight time as a PIC with a commercial license and Medical Clearance Card? Dream on. $30k pays for another truck with a non-CDL driver that can make more delivers.

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