Video shows US fighter jets launch drone swarm of hundreds of micro drones during a Perdix micro-UAV drone swarm test.

103 mini drones were released from the fighter jets during the test.

The drones, which have a wingspan of 12in (30cm), operate autonomously and share a distributed brain.

A military analyst said the devices, able to dodge air defence systems, were likely to be used for surveillance.

The last part of the video shows a drone swarm of Loctus drones during another drone swarm test.

Credits: Department of Defense

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  1. The next step is anti-mini-drone-mini-drones. Which means massive mini-drone battles will be the future of warfare. Mini-drone defense will be multi-layered with the last line being soldiers armed with flyswatters. The soldiers will eventually be replaced with flyswatter armed drones called flyswatterbots.

  2. Wake up from ignorance ! Roy of drones easy to destroy Russian means of electronic warfare , or intercepted control . Even Iran , planted the most modern , US stealth drones RQ-170 Sentinel , undamaged !!! Russia will do it 100 times more effective . For EW systems, the number of drones does not matter . Do not think that you are smarter than others. I will remind you , It has been found out that stealth F-22 are visible , ABM of NATO countries , сan not bring down Russia's maneuvering missiles .There is no miracle technology . War with Russia is always death

  3. Они что, тупые? Зелёные бьют красных а сами не убиваемы? Тупое мышление однако!

  4. the future of warfare the US Army should make thousands of spider mines drones destroy enemy armor in take out enemy troops in the Battlefields the perfect test subject will be north Korean troops

  5. A BRRRRRRRTTTT from a SPAA that is using flak rounds, and say goodbye to those lil drones. Since they are so small, I don't think that they managed to fit in ECCM modules in those. Almost every decent military has ground based ECM/jamming modules, so those things wouldn't be that good in a real war. But they might work wonders against terrorist organizations. Instead of an air launched swarm, if they could manage to create an infantry launchable version of those, these suckers would be great. They could target enemies in the open with their rifle, and if they are hiding, they can send in the swarm. These suckers can also be a good thing against tanks, they can disable the optics and de-track an enemy tank, rendering it useless. Sure the enemy tank can still fire using manual persicope, but good luck seeing anything with that, after some of these drones deploy smoke on top of you. These suckers can be a "multi-tool" that disables tanks, eliminates hostiles hiding behind cover, and providing reconaissance for the troops. Each squad can have one swarm launcher, instead of one javelin, one stinger, one MGL carrier, and whatnot.

  6. wtheck? 6:10 the lasers are that small and can do damage? and just wondering are the wakes coming from that ship big enough that someone can surf those waves?

  7. It's for killing civilians.
    Little drones have little range, so against any army the jets would be in the range of air-defence, thats why it's for killing civilians.

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