Aerial views of the University of Southern California

Located in Los Angeles, California, this beautiful campus is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Music Credit:

Jerry Goldsmith – Main Title


  1. Excellent video Conner. I know its been a couple years, but what are you doing now? Still at SC? Like I posted on your other video, I'm a '90 alum. And now a Captain for United Airlines.

  2. It's a nice video EXCEPT – Conner – You don't use the music from Rudy to show off the USC campus!! RVV Double Trojan 1972, 1975

  3. USC is a school I want to go to, it's my DREAM school… However, I do not have the money! How can I pay 40-50k a year for a college like that.. I think EDUCATION SHOULD be free for everyone. What if students are smart and have good grades and everything but then they can't afford to go to USC or like, NYU.. It's not fair. Like this schools are only made for rich people, it's kind of sad.

    But oh well, I'll never get educated in USC.. Will go on a cheaper school and they always say, self education is the best education. I'll fight with every bone in my body to make my dream come true even tho my degree comes from a different university and not from USC…

    Really, really, sad…. 🙁

  4. Hi I am making a graduation video for USC Marshall MBA – can I use some of these shots (of course with due credit)? Thank you.

  5. I like this video.  Please resist attempt to make it known only for party, which will not be an accurate or good portrayer of the school.

  6. Thanks again Conner, you're the freak'n man!!! Drone On my brother!!

    You can't spell Success without the letters U.S.C!
    Dan from the beautiful City of D Bar

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