Back from vacation!!! And a lot of crazy stuff happened while I was gone!! Like a guy ESCAPING with the help of a drone!

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  1. Amazing "Jimmy" would stay in a hotel and get some guns. With a i.d. And $47k he should have bought a camper and gone to Mex!

  2. I don't think the top loader type of trucks have compactors in them like the rear loaders do. But I could be wrong. just a thought.

  3. wow that guy would be impressive if he wouldn't get caught ,guess he'd be in solitary confinement lol obviously doesn't pay to escape…

  4. for some reason I was thinking about keemstar when he said "Lets DIVE into the video theory made APS is prison keemstar jk

  5. no need to land the damn drone…fly it up super high…wire in a servo to the drones circuit board that would drop the wire cutters from up in the air without ever coming close to landing and there you go…wire cutters inside the prison yard….simple

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