Facebook has correctly concluded an vital milestone as element of its Aquila application “, says in a article Martin Luis Gomez , In cost of this venture at the American network of social networks. The vital phase in query: a (second) profitable take a look at flight of an hour 16 minutes for a drone experimental aircraft developed by the American enterprise. The aircraft, a giant glider of a wingspan similar to that of an airliner, for only a third of the mass of a automobile, took off soon soon after sunrise, in Arizona to the states “ The acquire-off went as planned, all the devices worked nominally … the only surprise we experienced was a fantastic surprise: the climb was 2 times as large as In the course of our first take a look at flight “says Martin Luis Gomez. The latter attributes this fantastic performance to the lots of modifications that the unit has been subjected to (the addition of spoilers on the wings, integration of new sensors, modification of the handle software program …) soon after an preliminary take a look at on 28 June 2016.

This new flight of a unit built to evolve to twenty kilometers of altitude, collected quite a few data to more refine the profile of the aircraft, and boost its efficiency. “ He consumes only the equivalent of 3 hair dryers ” (5000 Watts) when his 4 electric motors are on, the engineer estimates. Then L&#39Aquila managed to land, as can be viewed in the movie underneath. It will be observed that, in buy to preserve weight, the drone is devoid of landing equipment. It will take off thanks to a trailer that brings it to the velocity required so that its 4 engines can then acquire in excess of. And for landing, kevlar cushions positioned under the motors come to cushion the affect as the aircraft touches the ground at the lowest doable velocity. To limit the danger of breakage, the drone was positioned on an area formerly covered with high-quality gravel, having the regularity of sand.

Theoretically, the blades of the 4 engines are intended to be in a horizontal place at the minute of landing so that they do not touch the ground. But you will detect that only a single of the blades has positioned accurately. A defect that remains to be corrected, but which, according to Martin Luis Gomez, brought about only some superficial problems and simply repairable. This was not the scenario on the past take a look at flight which ended with a unexpected landing soon after a flight of just in excess of an hour and a fifty percent. A “dilemma in the construction” a couple of seconds in advance of the landing experienced brought about problems on the suitable wing of the drone, inform the venture leaders in yet another article . The Aquila drones will have the mission of gliding effortlessly at large altitude as prolonged as doable (Facebook targets 60 to ninety days), to act as a relay antenna to deliver entry online missing. The venture experienced been unveiled in 2015 .


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