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Kereennn kaann landscape of GARUT CITY from altitude in the morning. Well, cloud cover. Photo from DRONE DJI SPARK

If you are exploring a city in Indonesia, it will never run out within a month. That's if you're a local traveler. If the traveler to foreign countries, well please. Ignore the local attractions. Hap!

Because this time a short trip with camper camp at Papandayan, then that's the natural tour was not far from Mount Papandayan.

 Papandayan Camping Ground208  20170902_093228

Now, traveling on Mount Papandayan has been much nicer and neat than when I traveled a few years ago, exactly October 2012. It means it's been almost five years. In those days, the road to Camp David or the parking area at Mount Papandayan was still destroyed. Pits and boulders make the car work harder. That first you know.

the most sophisticated vlogger of Cipete Raya and surrounding areas, which if review only food using Drone DJI SPARK . Selfie also use drones. Anyway wear nothing drones. Lucky on Mount Papandayan there is no bath girl at times. The danger of meeting this vlogger.

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Wefie is so far off!

One result using Drone DJI SPARK . How? Okay kaannn! Make me want to buy yaaa. Ha ha ha! Yes, while dreaming want to have a drone for photographs and video more ciamik, yuklah natural tour in Indonesia used to yesterday. While cultivating money, we go to Everest yaaaa! Tsahhh!

 Papandayan Camping Ground227
The gateway to Mount Papandayan has looked good.
 Papandayan Camping Ground223
Tower of View to see (19459008)
 Papandayan Camping Ground208
The crater of Mount Papandayan is really close to the road.
 Papandayan Camping Ground206
Are you guys still strongly gembol bag up for mountaineering?
This is whose name goes down the mountain.
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Ancient times, in this river, many village girls bathe.Ngarep loooo!
Spot camping here is also good. Buy the land here here yuk!
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Good morning CITY GARUTTTT!
 Papandayan Camping Ground141 ]
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