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Filmed January 23, 2016 around 10:45am PST.
Esplanade Ave. in Pacifica, California

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  1. oh yeah I forgot to mention besides the building crashing down in Pacific manor (Pacifica)down the street at manor shopping center is the world's best fish and chips( tell them Duncan Reid sent ya)

  2. I grew up in Pacifica 60s and 70s and being a teenager in 70s down there I knew people who lived in those apartments in Pacific manor(Pacifica) and those buildings were crashing

  3. Human races cannot stop nature's wish! I am environmentalist, evolutionist and depopulationist. 8 billion people a burden to planet!

  4. WHY are they not taking these buildings down! Are they just going to let them fall into the ocean to pollute it even more ? Fucking IDIOTS.

  5. aren't these people afraid that the whole bldg. will fall over that cliff…they must be stupid to be living like that..they are literally on the edge….what the heck

  6. I wonder how all the IDIOTS feel after losing not only their homes but their investment as well ?? p.s.- & dignity because of stupidity. LOL'S…

  7. I don't feel one bit sorry for idiots that build or buy buildings that close to water and or cliffs… they should have been no closer than 350 feet from flowing water!

  8. Building on the edge of a cliff. How stupid is that?
    And people get upset if the whole thing collapses.
    What did you expected?

  9. A survey was done of 3rd grade kids. They asked if building a structure on the edge of a cliff was a good idea. 99.9% of them said "No, the cliff will eventually give way."

  10. How fool has he built houses so close to the coast and on the sand! Everything after the road to at the mountains once takes the ocean.

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