15,000Kms driven to locations in Western Canada: British Columbia, Alberta and a dip into Yukon.
Flying drones in Canada’s National Parks is prohibited unless authorised. See here : and here : for more details.

Main Footage shot on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone.
Time-lapses shot on the Nikon D5300 with an 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 VR Lens.
Music – Pioneer by Ryan Taubert. (MusicBed)
Edited with Adobe CC 2015.
The Making Of:
Filmed during August & September 2015


  1. Hi! Nice footage! … Quick question – Would it be allowed to use a little piece from this footage (1 or 2 shots) for a non-profit, non-commercial, pro-climate "climate change" awareness video? To be released on YouTube only. Thank you…!

  2. My wife and I went to British Columbia and the scenic views were surreal! It was breathtaking and definitely will check it out again!

  3. Awesome Video!! Do You Mind If I Edit Maybe Change The Music And Upload IT To My Channel? i Would Link You In everything, Thanks

  4. Firstly, amazing video – breathtaking shots. I am off to Canada later today – so exited! I was just wondering how you managed to fly in Banff? Did you get permission?

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