The Turkish president spoke on 16 July in Ankara to his supporters on the very first anniversary of the failed coup endeavor in Turkey, when a drone that filmed the speech fell into the crowd, building eleven wounded.

Hundreds of hundreds of men and women collected to witness the speech of the potent person of Ankara, who was going through his supporters from the Turkish Parliament in the money of the state. But instantly, in the middle of his speech, a drone who was filming the enormous gathering from the air fell on the crowd.

Compelled to interrupt his speech for a brief time, the head of state issued a phone to the ambulance workers to support the hurt as before long as doable, in accordance to Turkish journalist Engin Bas who was present on the spot.

As evidenced by a video clip posted on Twitter, a number of bloodsheders had been evacuated on stretchers by relief. Two men and women had to be hospitalized and five some others had been addressed on the spot after Hurriyet .

Although Erdogan speaking in Turkish parliament.Count 6 hurt somewhat

– Engin Bottom (@enginbas) July 16, 2017 See also: Turkey remembers the tried coup d&#39etat by Erdogan

A tribute was paid to the 250 men and women who Missing his lifetime on July fifteen, 2016 for the duration of the aborted putsch, the starting up position of a big wave of repression of opposition throughout the state

Much more than 50,000 men and women have been arrested and detained by the police, About a hundred and fifty,000 civil servants, policemen and soldiers, dismissed from their posts on the basis of their intended implications or links with the perpetrators of the coup endeavor. Erdogan denounces EU interference in Turkey&#39s affairs

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