Pictures are generally of a spectacular splendor. On-line video internet sites, for that matter, are total of it. Due to the fact the use of drones has grow to be popular, absolutely everyone tries to acquire a minor peak for the duration of his walks.

Still, the activity is not trivial. Whilst flight has the physical appearance of liberty, it is nevertheless controlled specifically. Starting off with parts the place this use is permitted.

A drone to conserve the harrier ash, raptor threatened with extinction in Auvergne

“Persons say that it does not matter, that the sky is great … But if it is carried out, it is for security. The drone is an aerial activity. And the drama is that individuals do not normally comprehend it, “deplores Muriel Preux, director of the drone software in the Directorate Standard of Civil Aviation.

All over the nationwide territory, the optimum peak of overflight is one hundred fifty meters. If that can not be a lot less, it can be far more, depending on the parts the place you stand. In Auvergne, which parts are prohibited or restricted from overflying?

Volcanoes viewed from the sky, is it feasible?

The videos of the summits of the chain of the puys are several on Youtube. And to history them, the telepilots did not go outlaw. This is certainly permissible, so enable&#39s not sulk.

On the other hand, the scenario is far more intricate for the Sancy massif or the Cantal volcano. These parts are encompassed in a very low-level navy training zone. For the newbie of drones, the optimum peak of overflight is for that reason limited to 50 meters of altitude.

To the west of the chain of the puys extends a zone of navy training at significant pace and very low altitude, activated often. When this is the case, theft of the drone is forbidden. A very similar zone handles the Margeride, south-east of the Cantal.

Can one film a sunrise in between the towers of the cathedral of Clermont?

Niet. The remedy is easy and noticeable. The overflight of any general public area in agglomeration is strictly forbidden. And it does not hassle to nibble at a certain altitude or village measurement. It is no and this applies to Clermont-Ferrand as to Le Falgoux

On the other hand, if your garden is not in a prohibited, controlled or controlled zone, you are allowed to fly your gadget there, offered you regard a optimum pace and peak tailored to the ecosystem. “It should be ensured that even in the event of decline of command, fall or failure, the drone will not lead to an incident. The remote pilot is normally responsible in the event of an incident. He must for that reason command the hazards and be certain, “suggests Muriel Preux.

Notice, however, not to acquire advantage of it to observe (with no its consent) the sunshine bath of the neighbor. You would fall below the rules of the violation of privateness.

Can we adhere to in a drone the takeoff of the buddy in his ULM?

All airfields and their ways are controlled. This goes with no stating for the airports, of course, that of Clermont-Aulnat like Vichy-Charmeil or Aurillac-Tronquières. Prohibition / restriction bands are recognized in parallel to the runway centreline. But this is also the case for ULM platforms, which are several and generally unrecognized.

Who to request permissions when desired?

Men and women, enable it go. Only specialists can fly in the general public area right after declaration in the prefecture in just 5 doing work days in advance of the flight. The prefecture may perhaps normally prohibit theft for causes of security or security of the Condition.

An interactive map to recognize controlled airspace

For a several months, buyers of drones can refer to an interactive map posted on the web-site Géoportail (heading “territories and transportation” and then “transports”) to inquire about the rules about a probable overflight spot.

illustration. Photograph Franck Boileau

Five shades summarize the optimum heights of overflight or prohibitions.
Still this information generally needs to be concluded and specified by other information that is far more precise.

It is not worthless to cross this first information with the ICAO-VFR card, also offered on Géoportail. Punky buyers can full their research with the information posted on sia.aviation.civile.gouv .

“Using the card does not indicate that you do not know and regard the rules,” adds Muriel Preux, director of the drone software at the Directorate Standard of Civil Aviation.

At the moment, no training is demanded as significantly as the buyers of drones are involved. But it will not very last. In the framework of the implementation of Regulation 2016-1428, training for all drones of far more than 800 grams will before long be demanded.

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