The headline of this article may well be a question for many owners drones when arriving at a new place, not my exception as well. Suppose that while on vacation to a tourist site and coincidentally the location is very photogenic and videogenik so unfortunately it seems if not immortalized with drone that we carry. Moreover, there are many drones with very very succinct size so we can easily take it with us.

Many facilities and applications are available in the virtual world with regulatory information drone which can be downloaded for free or which is also paid. One of them is from DJI as a manufacturer drone also provides such facility on DJI GO application via tab No Fly Zone (NFZ).

From the information provided on the NFZ database made by DJI, we can know where we may operate drone and its location should not be. Usually it is represented by staining:

  • Red indicates the location CAN NOT fly at all
  • Yellow indicates the location CAN fly, but with NOTE
  • Green shows the location CAN fly

However, not infrequently besides location information, we also need information regarding regulation drone at a location. If in Indonesia, we can ask friends or community, but what if we want to get information about regulation drone in other countries?

Ani Polat; a travel blogger has created a Google-based app Map named Drone Mate .

The application was intended for users drones who wanted to fly drones for recreational and non-commercial purposes.

Why is that so?

Since usually for commercial needs will require more detailed declarations to the authorities in writing and a series of other requirements.

” />  Screenshot of the Google Map which became the reference of Drone Mate </figcaption data-recalc-dims=

The working principle Drone Mate is more or less the same as the applications which is commonly used by many owners drones .

What distinguishes Drone Mate besides the location, also includes regulation regarding drone at the relevant location.

List of locations / countries listed on Drone Mate is fairly complete.

If the information on his DJI's NFZ is listed in Red, Yellow and Green, the Drone Mate application has Gray color. The color explains that not enough information for the location in question.

Not only providing information about the location and also the regulation, the application Drone Mate also provides a link / link that helps us to be able to take care of flying permits at that location.

Anil Polat claims that the information contained Drone Mate application will be continuously updated. And the last update I've seen is done on September 21, 2017.

Drone Mate user is also possible to become a contributor.

Here is some information related to regulation drone in Indonesia listed:

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