1. CHEAT!!! Couldn't one program the Drone after a couple of laps, to self learn and self pilot it self. With so much money at stake and the technology being there to do self navigation, what's stopping a team CHEATING!!!

  2. Awesome idea, but it should evolve more, so the track can react on the pilot's achievements, and the public can be more involved to the show. You're pioneering the new kind of a sport here, don't make same mistakes as F1 did, which is boring as hell now. Make it powerful, make it kicking, clash real and digital worlds, create an amazing UX, while you can!

  3. I'm curious on the video transmitters, anyone have examples on how they work, where can i buy and how significant is the delay in the video feed and also the response time between the controller's inputs and the drone.

  4. Amazing innuendo at approx 2.45 seconds, Racer":..She's an interesting lady" possibly English commentator: I see.. I see that; you have issues with safe entries and going full speed I see.

  5. Drone racing isn't taking off as fast as it did last year. At my local R/C club of which I have been a member for 25 odd years, move to FPV is at snails pace. The purest R/C Pilots aren't making the shift as rapidly so, it'll be a while before it really becomes mainstream. For now, most newcomers are from gaming background and some are just trying the new thing. Check out my racing and free style videos. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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  7. I'm working on it can't wait to get good and get into this! I subscribed feel free to check out my channel and subscribe if you'd like thank you!

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