Without further ado, we present: the world’s LARGEST racing drone!
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Thanks to T-Motor, we were able to create a GIANT race drone that you inspired and may have seen pop up in some of our vlogs and episodes. The time has come to share it with the world!

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  1. It's time to start another big project!
    Leave a comment with your idea or thumbs up someone else's idea you like!

  2. Its just a matter of time before one of these turns up with a 3D printed machine strafing the traffic cops. Today modern tank fleet is protected by Active Tank Protection system, this drone can fly under the tank radar and so slow that it don't fit into the algorithms (classified as bird). And It can be called back.. something these USD 20.000 + "shot and forget" missiles can not.

  3. заебали со своим "май гад", больше слов в школе не выучили что ли, утырки

  4. the best thing about building this size racing quad is none else has one so you will win every race in its division 🙂

  5. Here in UK for urgent emergency cases they use drones to deliver life saving organs to Hospitals which is 5 times quicker than a motor vehicle.

  6. A larger scale quad, like this one, with a robotic arm to perform tasks. I am trying it out myself, but you guys
    would do a better job.

  7. Блин на него однажды повесят пулемёт и тогда начнётся гибридная война новых технологий. Судный день приближается.

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