1. Interlaced frame ordering is wrong in the transfer. Swap the interlaced frames and upload it again. You have the frames as 2.1.2 not 1.2.1

  2. Anyone is stupid to be a republican. After how they support censorship, oppression, not wanting us to have healthcare. Republicans make fools out of the people who elect them every time. But you can't tell the stupid right wingers fault. They just blame it all on democrats.

  3. X-47F. with eyes (cameras) all around, and able to turn a G force that would kill a human, and the enemy . I believe in drones for fights.

  4. For some reason I think I recall the designation of a "B" is for bomber, and "F" is for fighter. I could be wrong. But how cool would it be to see one of these being called X-47F drone?

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