● Today in FpvTime: Full and honest review of the FPV quad copter Mi Drone with a camera, shooting 4K video!

● Which is better: Xiaomi Mi Drone or DJI Phantom 4 / DJI Mavic PRO?

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● More about the video "XIAOMI MI DRONE 4K | REVIEW OF QUICK QUADROCOPER | FPV Time": If you draw any conclusion, it immediately becomes clear: This is not a racing quad copter, and not a professional one. But if you look at it, it becomes clear: the first pancake is a lump – it's not about this product. Of course there are minor flaws, which, fortunately, are corrected very quickly by new firmware. The quadrupter itself is foldable and has a small size. More precisely, only his legs develop, and the rest does not take much space. In contrast to the phantom, the suspension is detached from it very simply. Therefore, by purchasing any backpack, you can carry Xiaomi Mi Drone anywhere. To date, my record for long-range flight in standard configuration – 6.1KM !!! As much as 6 kilometers flying kvadrocopter, and then, the signal was still, but I was afraid for the rest of the battery. Batteries, by the way, enough to fly about 25 minutes without problems.
At the time of creation of the review, it was impossible to manually change the exposure and camera settings, but now this is all fixed with the release of new firmware for quadrocopter and camera, which are installed just one click on the phone.

● In general, the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K quadrocopter is in my opinion better than the DJI Phantom 4 at least in price. If the latter is a professional kvadrocopter for video shooting, then the first one can be called amateur, but in the right hands he will shoot quite high quality video!
This is an ideal quadrocopter for a beginner, automatic take-off and automatic landing modes will please any inexperienced user. So is the same as the return to home (RTL – Return To Launch).
In general, this is only a small part of the review … we look!

● In this video:
– Quadrocopter
– Not a racing quad copter
– Quad camera with 4K camera
– Best Quad Copter 2017
– Inexpensive quadrocopter
– Selection of the first quadrocopter
– Quadrocopter with GPS
– Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K or DJI Phantom 4
– Choosing a quadrocopter for a beginner
– Unpacking the package with aliexpress
– Unpacking quadrocopter with camera and FPV
– Review of Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K quadrocopter
– Quadrocopter test
– Fly on quadrocopter
– Compare the pros and cons of a quadrocopter
– Quadroopter flight video
– Quadrocopter range test

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  1. То какие функции у него есть кроме возврата домой , авто взлета , авто посадки , облетела вокруг ? Есть функция сложения за предметом ?

  2. пультА, пультУ, пультОм… ну ударение же на первый слог.
    И часто не в фокусе картинка =( фейл.
    Но обзор нра.

  3. а если его купить зимой можно будет летать?? до какой температурыев если да

  4. Доброго времени суток. Подскажите, где можно найти приложение "Mi Drone" на русском языке?

  5. А то что картинка двигается рывками это просадки записи 60 fps и результат полученный уже в 30 кадров ? А так спасибо, всё понятно и доступно, надо брать

  6. hello great video ..i have an issue with my camera. Flied for first time
    my 4k drone today and i had problem with the
    gimbal while i was recorded a video..The gimbal went abruptly riht and
    then normal in the centre and my device said that " gimbal maybe
    interference an obstacle" .do you know how can i fix that please??

  7. как соединить пульт с квадриком? сеть видно но приложение ничего не показывает только зарегистрированный аккаунт

  8. привет! Есть у меня проблема, купил точно такой же коптер, на другом сайте, но все же. Проблема в том, что когда я подключаю телефон к пульту через кабель, то в приложении пишет, что типа проверьте провода, аккум пульта и тп. Подключается только к айфону 6с+, к HTC и моему айфону (4с) не подключается. Так вот, где можно купить эту USB Wi-Fi штуку, которая в порт крепится к пульту? Иначе просто не получается, версия приложения последняя.

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